Wisdom of the Ages 373

On the radio this morning I heard and interview with Myrlie Evers-Williams on the occasion of her new book “The Autobiography of Medgar Evers: A Hero’s Life and Legacy Revealed Through His Writings, Letters and Speeches”

I wish to share a quote she attributed to her husband.

“When you hate, the only one that suffers is you because most of the people you hate don’t know it and the rest don’t care.”

contributed by Arlene, 56, NJ, USA


Wisdom of the Ages 372

Another great contribution for anyone interested in art practice arrived for the Wisdom of the Ages project from Tilleke Schwarz, it reads:

Some advice from my art teacher was very important for me. Maybe it will be for you too.

1. Save everything (drawing , doodle, painting, embroidery etc.) that you make for several years. Have a fresh look at it after several years before you decide what to do with it (to keep it, to change it or to destroy it). Still uncertain about it ? Wait some more years.

2. Hang your (almost finished art-work) at your room or another place in your house where you can see it daily. And in several weeks you will know what you have to add or leave out in order to finish it.

3. In case you are attached to your work and somebody wants to have or buy it. Decide if you really want to get rid of it. When uncertain about it: do not sell it yet nor give it away. In any case: save some of your work for your personal collection from every period that you make things.

These are quite common practises for artists so I do not know if you have them already in your collection.

Wisdom of the Ages 371

From Tilleke Schwarz:

A friend of mine (in her seventies) complimented an elder lady she met on the street about wearing a lovely blouse.
The lady answered: “thank you. Yes, old churches need decorating”.
She did not know the older lady.

Wisdom of the Ages 370

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project was left by Susan of Smockery, it reads:

I am always saying to the boss (when he complains about just about everything).

‘How high does that rate on the global scale of human misery?’

Wisdom of the Ages 369

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project was left by Ash of Stitched in Holland, it reads:

Depression is the result of unrealistic expectations. Lower your expectations and you’ll find yourself happier in life.

Don’t expect too much of people. Most people are doing the best that they can and even if they aren’t – unless they want to, there is no chance that your expectations will change their behaviour.

Remember that whatever you say is ‘out there’ Like a TV signal going out into outer space, once you’ve said it there is no way you can get it back, so be careful what you say.

31 year old in Holland

Wisdom of the Ages 368

I will always remember when I was a little girl, my father saying “I cried because I had no shoes, then I saw a man who had no feet”. This is open to unlimited interpretations, but I guess it boils down to ‘there is always somebody worse off than you’. So many people are unhappy with their lives, from kids who are jealous of friends who have more toys, to adults who are constantly searching for bigger and better everything, whatever ‘everything’ may be.

Contributed by 57 year old female, Melbourne, Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 367

An extremely thoughtful contribution from Marjorie E. Holme to the Wisdom of the Ages project has arrived in my inbox this morning, it reads:

Okage Sama De is a Japanese phrase that, like most Japanese phrases I’ve come across, seems to have many meanings. It’s used to say “thank you,” especially to a teacher. The translation I like best is “I am what I am because of you.”

Ever since I came across this phrase a few years ago, it has stuck in my mind and I keep turning it over and seeing new facets. All past, present, and future interactions will affect both me and those with whom I’m interacting. It makes me much more conscious of what I say and do!

Wisdom of the Ages 366

Manuèle of filambulle left a contribution for the Wisdom of the Ages project. Since English is her second language Manuèle asked me to edit it but I feel her meaning is clear and apart from changing help to helps in the last line I have left it as submitted in the original comment.

When I’m getting upset with my children’s behaviour, or too impatient to see him learning to… walk, drink alone, sleep without his pacifier, etc… I say to myself: Don’t worry, when he will be aged 18, he will … walk and run and dance, eat and drink alone, or…
It helps to relativise a lot.

Wisdom of the Ages 365

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project was left by Hannah, it reads:

My mother always taught me to … “forget the experience, learn the lesson.”

Trials reveal and determine men’s behavior. They should be considered a blessing, for they give us an inside look to the soul of a person as well as providing an opportunity for us to reveal our true and desired character. This is the only positive path out of any hurtful or challenging situation. So take it, and forget the experience. Bitterness and holding grudges only harms the holder.

Wisdom of the Ages 364

Two contributions to the Wisdom of the Ages by Cinnamon of Poise

They read:

We were given two ears and one mouth so we could listen twice as much as we talk


Being observant requires patience and I’ve been slowly developing that patience.

Wisdom of the Ages 363

I have learned so many things! But one of the most useful, most important…one which keeps me from losing my head when something just isn’t working is this: Practice makes perfect. No matter what I have tried my hand at I find that to be true. We are not born skilled at everything. So it all takes practice. Anything from being a mortician to raising kids to cooking & creating and especially dealing with people.

Contributed by Polina

Wisdom of the Ages 362

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project has arrived in my inbox from Mary this morning, it reads:

“if you haven’t anything positive to say, don’t say anything” works.

It’s not any easy concept to live by, and getting to the end of a difficult day without cracking can be a challenge. It doesn’t mean tell your friend her quilt is great when it’s not, but it does mean trying to provide positive and affirmative criticism. It doesn’t mean you can’t tell a bolshy teenager off for being stroppy, but it does mean that you have to find a positive suggestion for altering behaviour that benefits the perpetrator! And then, sometimes it does mean you have to shut up and not say anything! I could go on, you get the drift…

Wisdom of the Ages 361

My mother’s advice. “Never do anything you wouldn’t want printed on the front page of the newspaper.” It works for every situation.

Contributed by Kathy aka Meggiecat

Wisdom of the Ages 360

In French we have a proverb which says “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien” (Better is good’s enemy). I think it corresponds to the English saying “Let well enough alone.”
To me, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for excellence – but at least, this has taught me to be less self-critical, and happier with my end results (jobwise and craftwise).

This lesson in life has been contributed by Isabelle

Wisdom of the Ages 359

“One thing I have learnt,is that you have to like and respect yourself otherwise you can’t expect others to.”

contributed by Greg

Wisdom of the Ages 358

A contribution from Sue reads:

Love is what matters most. Choose love. Happiness depends on how we treat others. Be kind. Do not speak in anger but speak out against injustice. Gossip harms. grudges harms those who hold them. Forgiveness heals. Compassion is far more helpful in understanding tnan judging. Act lovingly to those aseem unlovable they need the kindness as much as those who are easy to give it to if not more. I am responsible for my behavior in a situation no matter how poorly the other person may act. It is important to have and hold healthy boundaries. Live. Love Laugh.

Wisdom of the Ages 357

A contribution from Caitlin O’Connor reads:

ALWAYS assume the microphone is ON.

Wisdom of the Ages 356

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project has arrived in my inbox, it reads:

My heaven is a cozy corner in my granddaughter’s memory.

contributed by Diane

Wisdom of the Ages 355

“If you never go anywhere, you’ll never go anywhere. If you never do anything, you’ll never do anything.”

Contributed by:
Lynn, 53 yrs
SoCalifornia, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 354

It was school holiday time and the children were nagging their mother to take them on a picnic by the river but she said that she couldn’t, she didn’t have time as she had a lot of ironing to do. Her own mother was staying with her and said “When your children are grown up they won’t remember if they had ironed pyjamas, but they will remember you taking them on a picnic to the river.”

How often do we miss the important opportunities in life by allowing ourselves be swamped by the unimportant.

contributed by Frances Cornish aka “Sweet Alice” from A Growing Delight

Wisdom of the Ages 353

Do not measure yourself against others. Be bold and do your own thing!! No one can be a better YOU than YOU can!

contributed by Stephanie

Wisdom of the Ages 352

Another contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project arrived yesterday, it reads:

Never tie a ship to a single anchor , or life to a single hope

Contributed by Karen Jackson – Woolsthorpe – Victoria – Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 350

Jordi’s contribution reads:

My mother was famously sarcastic and funny, but one of her best ones was:
“Kids… when they are little they are so wonderful you could eat them. When they are 16 you wish you had!”

Also, 2 old Irish thoughts I heard growing up:
“If you’re going to hang, you’ll never drown.”
“What you gain on the swings you lose on the roundabouts.”

Wisdom of the Ages 349

Another contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project arrived this morning from Mary Lou age 63 who lives in the USA, it reads:

I heard some time ago, “Better learn the lesson that’s being sent. Because if you don’t like it the first time, you sure won’t like it the second time it has to be sent!”

But time has taught me something else, when it comes to accepting others. Most people are doing the best they can. It is not fair to expect more of people than they can do, whether or not you would have done differently. They do not have your experiences (good or bad), and your information. Nor do you have theirs.

And when I hear my high school students gossiping, I ask them:

“Isn’t there enough trouble in the world?? Do we need to add more?” This perspective seems to work well for them–and for me!

Wisdom of the Ages 348

I thought I would share with you a comment made to me that I thought was profound…..I was telling a friend something and asked her to please keep it to herself….Her reply was “unless the words I speak only go for the goodness of someone and help uplift them, I keep quiet”……A lesson we all need to remind ourselves of…..What a peaceful life this would be if we all practiced this….Have a peaceful and Blessed Christmas as we remember Christ’s last commandment to us–as originally written–”Love one another, only as I have loved you”….This practice will take a lifetime………BWT………

It is a bit like the mantra my mother used to have “If you can’t some something nice say nothing at all”

Wisdom of the Ages 347

While reading some of the wisdom others had shared it was impressed upon me that all the beauty that God put into a rose or some other flower that pulls a smile from us can be compared to the beauty he put into each one of us that makes him smile.

Gender female, age and country or origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 346

My favourite quote is one that I remember every day – “God gave us memories, so that we will have roses in December”.
Every day is a good day – some better than others, but if we’re still here, it’s a good day in one way or another.

Clairee, 71, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 345

Just as I thought the Wisdom of the Ages project had died on me since I had my blog move I had a response this morning;

Fear does not rob tomorrow of its sorrow, just today of its strength. This is somebody’s quote/wise words I read about 25 years ago and I strongly believe it has helped.

Anne, 45, Scotland

Wisdom of the Ages 344

This latest contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project is something very similar to what I was taught. I was once told that “it is a sin not to embrace and celebrate life with joy and use all the talents God gave you” This meant that I had no doubt about using my creative talents. I never felt it was not OK.

After having an MI, I am thankful for each day that is given to me. Appreciate what talents God has given you. Be kind and loving, you can be gone in the blink of an eye. You never have tomorrow to tell someone you love them or let them know how they contribute to life. As Grandma Rae quoted, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” Open your arms, embrace life, celebrate it.

Age Gender and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 343

I have learned today that it is not wise to remove a wedgie when riding in a glass elevator! YIKES!

A. Nonny Mouse

Wisdom of the Ages 342

Life is a patient instructor and I have learned many, many lessons. The most important of them is:

1. You cannot outgive God. So be generous will all of your blessings and you will find that you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams. You will reap what you have sewn, but it will be one hundred times more than what you have sewn. It is a principle of the universe: one seed produces a plant that yields hundreds of seeds. Be Generous!

2. Embrace life with an open, loving, heart. It will keep you from becoming old and bitter.

3. Be kind and gentle with yourself, especially with yourself. If you cannot BE this way with yourself, you will certainly not be able to BE this way with others. You might be able to DO for a brief time, but there is a big difference between being something and doing something. Being kind and gentle requires a spiritual reformation, while doing something kind and gentle only requires an act of will. One can be faked, the other can’t.

4. Find at least one thing each day to be grateful for. Before you know it you will begin to truly see all of the things in your life that you should be grateful for. Once you realize how blessed you are, it is much easier to be generous!

Diane, Virginia, USA, 53

Wisdom of the Ages 341

“Use it up, wear it out. Make it do or do without” from my great grandmother–her corollary saying was “you buttered your bread: now you have to lay in it” You work with what you have and make the beautiful from that; all other good things will follow.

Arlee Barr, 46, Edmonton Alberta Canada

Wisdom of the Ages 340

LESS is truly MORE

female, age and country unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 339

Judge everything you do or say or feel by this mark,”At the moment you pass on the next life, how will you feel about it.”

female, age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 338

Your unique talents are God’s gift to you, what you do with them is your gift to God.

Female, USA, 47

Wisdom of the Ages 337

This is what I have learned in my life and I tried to empress upon my children and grandchildren:

When in doubt-throw it out!
When in doubt-don’t do it!
You are what you make of yourself!
Start each day as a new adventure!

R. Burton, age 56. Illinois

Wisdom of the Ages 336

If someone honours you with a compliment, the most gracious thing you can do is say “Thank you”. Don’t denigrate the person giving you a compliment by pointing out the mistakes, errors or problems. If they think you look nice, say Thank you. If they like your work, say Thank you. And smile. You will feel good, and they will feel good. Don’t make someone wish they had never said something nice to you.

Veronica Richmond, 41, Canada

Wisdom of the Ages 335

The lesson I have learned in life is that EVERYONE wants to make a contribution. So, let them. It doesn’t matter how big or how small.

Scoti Soard, age 55, San Diego, CA

Wisdom of the Ages 334

1 The joy in gift giving is in the hunt for a gift and in the giving.

2 That even when sorely provoked by life, it feels much better to commit a kind act somewhere or somehow – it makes it much easier to remove yourself from the vicious cycle of reciprocal injuries and to not be hurt by the insecurities of others.

3 Never believe your own press.

Wisdom of the Ages 333

Stand up for what you believe in.
Always admit when you are wrong.
Love deeply and patiently, no one is perfect.
Be kind to children, old folks and small animals.
Smile even when you don’t feel like it.

Female, age 41 USA

Wisdom of the Ages 332

When things look overwhelming, remember that the tallest mountain is climbed just one step at a time. Take one step, then take one more. This really helps me keep things in perspective:

Mile by mile, life’s a trial.
Yard by yard, life is hard.
Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.

Female, 51, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 331

This is a big thing I have learned:
If you can’t figure out why a situation is what it is, you only have to have to know the answer is MONEY and can probably trace it back to money.

female, 57, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 330

From my grandmother: Pain and suffering are inevitable; misery is not. Misery is a choice.

From my father: I am responsible for my acts and words. But I am NOT responsible other people’s acts and words – just my reactions to them

Female, 57, Utah

Wisdom of the Ages 329

Love is real; so is your value
Integrity is a choice, not a circumstance
Improve yourself – no one else gives a damn
Dance – you don’t need permission
Courage is not without fear – proceed anyway
Be generous with your acknowledgement, talent, praise and respect; it is powerful healing, and applicable in joy or anger, business or family, stranger or friend, in groups or alone.
God has a Sense of Humor

– San Francisco, California USA, 50 years

Wisdom of the Ages 328

Killing people is easy. Its letting them live that is so hard

Wisdom of the Ages 327

One thing I have learned and try to instil in my grandchildren is that every act goes full circle. Whether a positive act of kindness, generosity, compassion or a negative one of spite or meaness, it will be returned in kind, maybe not today or tomorrow but sometime by someone you may not even know.

Grandmother, 66 years, northamptonshire, UK

Wisdom of the Ages 326

1 To thine own self be true. Why spend your life pretending to be something you’re not? – much easier to be what you naturally are.
2 If a friend betrays you try hard to move on – that’s not the sort of friend you need and they are the ones who will end up lonely.
3 Be generous with your time.
4 Smile – and you’ll nearly always get one back.

gender female, 45 years, Northern Ireland

Wisdom of the Ages 325

You cannot teach (lifestyle, morals) what you do not live.
Female Boy Scout Leader age 51, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 324

Never apologise more than once for anything. Get clear in your own mind what went wrong, and how not to do it again, then pick yourself up and go forward
Female, 45, UK

Wisdom of the Ages 323

Take pride in whatever your current job or role is. You will be surprised at how many people notice and appreciate it, even if you never hear from them!

iva wedding

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