Wisdom of the Ages 420

Be Here Now. The reader, like me, may have heard this often, but I really, really heard it when I finally knew I had to refrain from ever feeling the victim and hanging onto the past.

Lora from Canada


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  1. sita said,

    April 29, 2007 at 3:06 pm

    Being here now is the most difficult for ,me at least .Ifound we are either thinking constantly of the future or the past.There are positve aswell as negative points in both kind of thinking,and there is at least one negative point for Being Here Now-lingering in the present for too long.But we can over come that by Letting Go,-these two aphorisms form the basisis for most religous philosophies I think.Thanks for this blog it is very inspiring-helps us put things in perspective.It also made me think & wonder if I could ever be able to put everything in a concise way.I think every day of our life we grow by learning things from myriad sources and we should keep our minds & hearts open to such learning.I submit this as my entryto this site.all your sites are inspirational .I am new to the internet&blogging .I would like to start such a blog where Icould share my knowledge& my questions.Please let me know how I should go about it.with warm regards,Sita,.

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