Wisdom of the Ages 422

I now know the answer to my life: I have been a very bad girl and this is Hell!! Laughing about the absurdity of life makes everything easier…also, a great faith in God!

Marilyn in SC

Wisdom of the Ages 421

I think every day of our life we grow by learning things from myriad sources and we should keep our minds and hearts open to such learning


Wisdom of the Ages 420

Be Here Now. The reader, like me, may have heard this often, but I really, really heard it when I finally knew I had to refrain from ever feeling the victim and hanging onto the past.

Lora from Canada

Wisdom of the Ages 419

I thought about what gem of wisdom has changed me.
It has to be:
The toes you tread on today are on the feet which are on the ends of the legs that hold up the bottom you may have to kiss tomorrow.
I still tread on toes but sometimes I think about things first.


Wisdom of the Ages 418

Very succinctly:

Shit happens.
This, too, shall pass.

Unfortunately, I’m presently facing a situation (chronic debilitating disease, non-fatal) that will only get worse, which makes me wonder about #2 – but on the other hand, I’ve learned that people are actually better than I had thought. Confinement to a wheelchair gives a whole new perspective!

Left as a comment by Lynne Gabbe-Harkcom

Wisdom of the Ages 417

I know this is from a well known song but is something I try and live by:
“I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses” It’s taken me all my life to start learning that this is the one thing I have heard I need to listen to.
And when someone tells me they love me, its really is worth taking the risk to believe them.
Female, 26, York, UK.”