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I have just completed transfering all the contributions to this project to this new blog. Previously they had been housed as a category of my other blog inaminuteago. I decided the project needed a blog of its own as it makes sense to people if it is self contained.

The Wisdom of the ages project started life off as a straight web page. As time went on and the technology changed I decided to transfer the contributions a blog as the software meant it was easier to maintain. Now it has a home of its own.

“Wisdom of the Ages” asks people to share the answer to a simple (but not so simple) question. What lesson have you learnt in life? Just as the stitch collection shares knowledge that was handed on orally, lessons learnt from others in the past were also handed down the generations in the form of little sayings, expressions, anecdotes and peoples stories. I am trying to hint at this with the “Wisdom of the Ages” project. With this project I hope create a snap shot of common sense or popular wisdom.


Leave a comment or send me an email answering the question and it will be published online.

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  1. Sarah E. said,

    March 15, 2007 at 9:28 am

    You have a great collection here, Sharon. I just spent a pleasant time reading back through the first few pages. It’s interesting and gratifying to see that learning wisdom does not have to wait until one is 80…!!

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