Wisdom of the Ages 392

Bettsi McComb of Tender arts contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project, it reads:

My favorite bit of wisdom comes from another woman (of course), but one who I know nothing about. Here it is:
The gloom of this world is but a shadow; behind it, yet within our reach, is joy. Take joy.
-Fra Giovanni 1513

This simple little quote reminds me that my attitude is always a choice. I think I especially like it because of how long ago it was first said. Life was infinitely harder 500 years ago and yet this woman had such a beautiful outlook. Inspiring wisdom, indeed!


Wisdom of the Ages 391

We have all heard “Practice make Perfect” …at best, an illusive proposition.
More true and to the point is the idea that “Practice make Permanent”.
I have learned to be mindful of the things I practice (the things I do repeatedly).
Repetition solidifies and automates my life activity, be it the good habit or the bad!

Contributed by Wordicle

Wisdom of the Ages 390

Maintain attitutes of youth – interest, optimism, enthusiasm. Find something that provides a challenge for the future, instead of memories of the past – whatever keeps you busy, active and in the mainstream of life.

People are more influenced by how much you care than how much you know.

There’s nothing like change to bring out emotion, and nothing like emotion to bring about change.

What we pay attention to reverbarates in our lives.

Courtesy is one of the highest virtues in times of stress.

On happiness my favourites are from Anne Frank “Whoever is happy will make others happy too”, and Ingrid Bergman “happiness is good health and a bad memory”

I love the quirkiness of this one “Unless you’re the lead dog, the scenery never changes”

contributed by
Female, 52, Adelaide South Australia.

Wisdom of the Ages 389

A contributuion to the Wisdom of the Ages project arrived this morning from Flora Goodson, it reads:

My life lesson is one I re-learn every so often especially when working with the public, my husband or my kids & their various friends.

“never teach a pig to sing it waists your time & annoys the pig”

people are who they are & you need to work with them or around them the way they are.
trying to change someone is the height of folly & never works to your benefit.
Of course this is not to say I haven’t tried to teach a pig or two anyway!

and something my late father told me before he passed away
“don’t sweat the small stuff ”