Wisdom of the Ages 372

Another great contribution for anyone interested in art practice arrived for the Wisdom of the Ages project from Tilleke Schwarz, it reads:

Some advice from my art teacher was very important for me. Maybe it will be for you too.

1. Save everything (drawing , doodle, painting, embroidery etc.) that you make for several years. Have a fresh look at it after several years before you decide what to do with it (to keep it, to change it or to destroy it). Still uncertain about it ? Wait some more years.

2. Hang your (almost finished art-work) at your room or another place in your house where you can see it daily. And in several weeks you will know what you have to add or leave out in order to finish it.

3. In case you are attached to your work and somebody wants to have or buy it. Decide if you really want to get rid of it. When uncertain about it: do not sell it yet nor give it away. In any case: save some of your work for your personal collection from every period that you make things.

These are quite common practises for artists so I do not know if you have them already in your collection.

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