Wisdom of the Ages 373

On the radio this morning I heard and interview with Myrlie Evers-Williams on the occasion of her new book “The Autobiography of Medgar Evers: A Hero’s Life and Legacy Revealed Through His Writings, Letters and Speeches”

I wish to share a quote she attributed to her husband.

“When you hate, the only one that suffers is you because most of the people you hate don’t know it and the rest don’t care.”

contributed by Arlene, 56, NJ, USA


Wisdom of the Ages 372

Another great contribution for anyone interested in art practice arrived for the Wisdom of the Ages project from Tilleke Schwarz, it reads:

Some advice from my art teacher was very important for me. Maybe it will be for you too.

1. Save everything (drawing , doodle, painting, embroidery etc.) that you make for several years. Have a fresh look at it after several years before you decide what to do with it (to keep it, to change it or to destroy it). Still uncertain about it ? Wait some more years.

2. Hang your (almost finished art-work) at your room or another place in your house where you can see it daily. And in several weeks you will know what you have to add or leave out in order to finish it.

3. In case you are attached to your work and somebody wants to have or buy it. Decide if you really want to get rid of it. When uncertain about it: do not sell it yet nor give it away. In any case: save some of your work for your personal collection from every period that you make things.

These are quite common practises for artists so I do not know if you have them already in your collection.

Wisdom of the Ages 371

From Tilleke Schwarz:

A friend of mine (in her seventies) complimented an elder lady she met on the street about wearing a lovely blouse.
The lady answered: “thank you. Yes, old churches need decorating”.
She did not know the older lady.

Wisdom of the Ages 370

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project was left by Susan of Smockery, it reads:

I am always saying to the boss (when he complains about just about everything).

‘How high does that rate on the global scale of human misery?’

Wisdom of the Ages 369

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project was left by Ash of Stitched in Holland, it reads:

Depression is the result of unrealistic expectations. Lower your expectations and you’ll find yourself happier in life.

Don’t expect too much of people. Most people are doing the best that they can and even if they aren’t – unless they want to, there is no chance that your expectations will change their behaviour.

Remember that whatever you say is ‘out there’ Like a TV signal going out into outer space, once you’ve said it there is no way you can get it back, so be careful what you say.

31 year old in Holland

Wisdom of the Ages 368

I will always remember when I was a little girl, my father saying “I cried because I had no shoes, then I saw a man who had no feet”. This is open to unlimited interpretations, but I guess it boils down to ‘there is always somebody worse off than you’. So many people are unhappy with their lives, from kids who are jealous of friends who have more toys, to adults who are constantly searching for bigger and better everything, whatever ‘everything’ may be.

Contributed by 57 year old female, Melbourne, Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 367

An extremely thoughtful contribution from Marjorie E. Holme to the Wisdom of the Ages project has arrived in my inbox this morning, it reads:

Okage Sama De is a Japanese phrase that, like most Japanese phrases I’ve come across, seems to have many meanings. It’s used to say “thank you,” especially to a teacher. The translation I like best is “I am what I am because of you.”

Ever since I came across this phrase a few years ago, it has stuck in my mind and I keep turning it over and seeing new facets. All past, present, and future interactions will affect both me and those with whom I’m interacting. It makes me much more conscious of what I say and do!

Wisdom of the Ages 366

Manuèle of filambulle left a contribution for the Wisdom of the Ages project. Since English is her second language Manuèle asked me to edit it but I feel her meaning is clear and apart from changing help to helps in the last line I have left it as submitted in the original comment.

When I’m getting upset with my children’s behaviour, or too impatient to see him learning to… walk, drink alone, sleep without his pacifier, etc… I say to myself: Don’t worry, when he will be aged 18, he will … walk and run and dance, eat and drink alone, or…
It helps to relativise a lot.