Wisdom of the Ages 365

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project was left by Hannah, it reads:

My mother always taught me to … “forget the experience, learn the lesson.”

Trials reveal and determine men’s behavior. They should be considered a blessing, for they give us an inside look to the soul of a person as well as providing an opportunity for us to reveal our true and desired character. This is the only positive path out of any hurtful or challenging situation. So take it, and forget the experience. Bitterness and holding grudges only harms the holder.


Wisdom of the Ages 364

Two contributions to the Wisdom of the Ages by Cinnamon of Poise

They read:

We were given two ears and one mouth so we could listen twice as much as we talk


Being observant requires patience and I’ve been slowly developing that patience.

Wisdom of the Ages 363

I have learned so many things! But one of the most useful, most important…one which keeps me from losing my head when something just isn’t working is this: Practice makes perfect. No matter what I have tried my hand at I find that to be true. We are not born skilled at everything. So it all takes practice. Anything from being a mortician to raising kids to cooking & creating and especially dealing with people.

Contributed by Polina

Wisdom of the Ages 362

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project has arrived in my inbox from Mary this morning, it reads:

“if you haven’t anything positive to say, don’t say anything” works.

It’s not any easy concept to live by, and getting to the end of a difficult day without cracking can be a challenge. It doesn’t mean tell your friend her quilt is great when it’s not, but it does mean trying to provide positive and affirmative criticism. It doesn’t mean you can’t tell a bolshy teenager off for being stroppy, but it does mean that you have to find a positive suggestion for altering behaviour that benefits the perpetrator! And then, sometimes it does mean you have to shut up and not say anything! I could go on, you get the drift…