Wisdom of the Ages 361

My mother’s advice. “Never do anything you wouldn’t want printed on the front page of the newspaper.” It works for every situation.

Contributed by Kathy aka Meggiecat


Wisdom of the Ages 360

In French we have a proverb which says “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien” (Better is good’s enemy). I think it corresponds to the English saying “Let well enough alone.”
To me, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for excellence – but at least, this has taught me to be less self-critical, and happier with my end results (jobwise and craftwise).

This lesson in life has been contributed by Isabelle

Wisdom of the Ages 359

“One thing I have learnt,is that you have to like and respect yourself otherwise you can’t expect others to.”

contributed by Greg

Wisdom of the Ages 358

A contribution from Sue reads:

Love is what matters most. Choose love. Happiness depends on how we treat others. Be kind. Do not speak in anger but speak out against injustice. Gossip harms. grudges harms those who hold them. Forgiveness heals. Compassion is far more helpful in understanding tnan judging. Act lovingly to those aseem unlovable they need the kindness as much as those who are easy to give it to if not more. I am responsible for my behavior in a situation no matter how poorly the other person may act. It is important to have and hold healthy boundaries. Live. Love Laugh.