Wisdom of the Ages 357

A contribution from Caitlin O’Connor reads:

ALWAYS assume the microphone is ON.


Wisdom of the Ages 356

A contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project has arrived in my inbox, it reads:

My heaven is a cozy corner in my granddaughter’s memory.

contributed by Diane

Wisdom of the Ages 355

“If you never go anywhere, you’ll never go anywhere. If you never do anything, you’ll never do anything.”

Contributed by:
Lynn, 53 yrs
SoCalifornia, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 354

It was school holiday time and the children were nagging their mother to take them on a picnic by the river but she said that she couldn’t, she didn’t have time as she had a lot of ironing to do. Her own mother was staying with her and said “When your children are grown up they won’t remember if they had ironed pyjamas, but they will remember you taking them on a picnic to the river.”

How often do we miss the important opportunities in life by allowing ourselves be swamped by the unimportant.

contributed by Frances Cornish aka “Sweet Alice” from A Growing Delight

Wisdom of the Ages 353

Do not measure yourself against others. Be bold and do your own thing!! No one can be a better YOU than YOU can!

contributed by Stephanie

Wisdom of the Ages 352

Another contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project arrived yesterday, it reads:

Never tie a ship to a single anchor , or life to a single hope

Contributed by Karen Jackson – Woolsthorpe – Victoria – Australia