Wisdom of the Ages 350

Jordi’s contribution reads:

My mother was famously sarcastic and funny, but one of her best ones was:
“Kids… when they are little they are so wonderful you could eat them. When they are 16 you wish you had!”

Also, 2 old Irish thoughts I heard growing up:
“If you’re going to hang, you’ll never drown.”
“What you gain on the swings you lose on the roundabouts.”

Wisdom of the Ages 349

Another contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project arrived this morning from Mary Lou age 63 who lives in the USA, it reads:

I heard some time ago, “Better learn the lesson that’s being sent. Because if you don’t like it the first time, you sure won’t like it the second time it has to be sent!”

But time has taught me something else, when it comes to accepting others. Most people are doing the best they can. It is not fair to expect more of people than they can do, whether or not you would have done differently. They do not have your experiences (good or bad), and your information. Nor do you have theirs.

And when I hear my high school students gossiping, I ask them:

“Isn’t there enough trouble in the world?? Do we need to add more?” This perspective seems to work well for them–and for me!

Wisdom of the Ages 348

I thought I would share with you a comment made to me that I thought was profound…..I was telling a friend something and asked her to please keep it to herself….Her reply was “unless the words I speak only go for the goodness of someone and help uplift them, I keep quiet”……A lesson we all need to remind ourselves of…..What a peaceful life this would be if we all practiced this….Have a peaceful and Blessed Christmas as we remember Christ’s last commandment to us–as originally written–”Love one another, only as I have loved you”….This practice will take a lifetime………BWT………

It is a bit like the mantra my mother used to have “If you can’t some something nice say nothing at all”