Wisdom of the Ages 342

Life is a patient instructor and I have learned many, many lessons. The most important of them is:

1. You cannot outgive God. So be generous will all of your blessings and you will find that you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams. You will reap what you have sewn, but it will be one hundred times more than what you have sewn. It is a principle of the universe: one seed produces a plant that yields hundreds of seeds. Be Generous!

2. Embrace life with an open, loving, heart. It will keep you from becoming old and bitter.

3. Be kind and gentle with yourself, especially with yourself. If you cannot BE this way with yourself, you will certainly not be able to BE this way with others. You might be able to DO for a brief time, but there is a big difference between being something and doing something. Being kind and gentle requires a spiritual reformation, while doing something kind and gentle only requires an act of will. One can be faked, the other can’t.

4. Find at least one thing each day to be grateful for. Before you know it you will begin to truly see all of the things in your life that you should be grateful for. Once you realize how blessed you are, it is much easier to be generous!

Diane, Virginia, USA, 53

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