Wisdom of the Ages 337

This is what I have learned in my life and I tried to empress upon my children and grandchildren:

When in doubt-throw it out!
When in doubt-don’t do it!
You are what you make of yourself!
Start each day as a new adventure!

R. Burton, age 56. Illinois

Wisdom of the Ages 336

If someone honours you with a compliment, the most gracious thing you can do is say “Thank you”. Don’t denigrate the person giving you a compliment by pointing out the mistakes, errors or problems. If they think you look nice, say Thank you. If they like your work, say Thank you. And smile. You will feel good, and they will feel good. Don’t make someone wish they had never said something nice to you.

Veronica Richmond, 41, Canada

Wisdom of the Ages 335

The lesson I have learned in life is that EVERYONE wants to make a contribution. So, let them. It doesn’t matter how big or how small.

Scoti Soard, age 55, San Diego, CA

Wisdom of the Ages 334

1 The joy in gift giving is in the hunt for a gift and in the giving.

2 That even when sorely provoked by life, it feels much better to commit a kind act somewhere or somehow – it makes it much easier to remove yourself from the vicious cycle of reciprocal injuries and to not be hurt by the insecurities of others.

3 Never believe your own press.

Wisdom of the Ages 333

Stand up for what you believe in.
Always admit when you are wrong.
Love deeply and patiently, no one is perfect.
Be kind to children, old folks and small animals.
Smile even when you don’t feel like it.

Female, age 41 USA

Wisdom of the Ages 332

When things look overwhelming, remember that the tallest mountain is climbed just one step at a time. Take one step, then take one more. This really helps me keep things in perspective:

Mile by mile, life’s a trial.
Yard by yard, life is hard.
Inch by inch, life’s a cinch.

Female, 51, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 331

This is a big thing I have learned:
If you can’t figure out why a situation is what it is, you only have to have to know the answer is MONEY and can probably trace it back to money.

female, 57, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 330

From my grandmother: Pain and suffering are inevitable; misery is not. Misery is a choice.

From my father: I am responsible for my acts and words. But I am NOT responsible other people’s acts and words – just my reactions to them

Female, 57, Utah

Wisdom of the Ages 329

Love is real; so is your value
Integrity is a choice, not a circumstance
Improve yourself – no one else gives a damn
Dance – you don’t need permission
Courage is not without fear – proceed anyway
Be generous with your acknowledgement, talent, praise and respect; it is powerful healing, and applicable in joy or anger, business or family, stranger or friend, in groups or alone.
God has a Sense of Humor

– San Francisco, California USA, 50 years

Wisdom of the Ages 328

Killing people is easy. Its letting them live that is so hard