Wisdom of the Ages 317

I’ve learned that in life there are just 3 stages of understanding that are important

We start off thinking that stage one is the most important and many never move beyond it. Stage One is ‘I understand that what others think of me is important’. And so we worry and stress that what others think somehow makes a difference.

Then Stage Two comes along – ‘I understand that what I think about me is important’. And so we strive to give ourselves what we think is important and can forget that there are others ‘out there’.

And finally Stage 3 of understanding occurs – this is a rare level and many do not make it this far. In this level you work out that ‘what others think of you’ is not really important. You work out that ‘what you think of yourself’ is kind of important and finally you discover and understand that what REALLY counts is ‘what others think YOU think of YOU’ that is important.

This is a liberating experience because people ultimately judge you based on what they think that you think about yourself. When you have this level of understanding you know where to work on yourself, how to accept feedback in all its forms and can forgive yourself for not yet having attained ‘perfection’.

Marcus 38 Australia

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