Wisdom of the Ages 327

One thing I have learned and try to instil in my grandchildren is that every act goes full circle. Whether a positive act of kindness, generosity, compassion or a negative one of spite or meaness, it will be returned in kind, maybe not today or tomorrow but sometime by someone you may not even know.

Grandmother, 66 years, northamptonshire, UK


Wisdom of the Ages 326

1 To thine own self be true. Why spend your life pretending to be something you’re not? – much easier to be what you naturally are.
2 If a friend betrays you try hard to move on – that’s not the sort of friend you need and they are the ones who will end up lonely.
3 Be generous with your time.
4 Smile – and you’ll nearly always get one back.

gender female, 45 years, Northern Ireland

Wisdom of the Ages 325

You cannot teach (lifestyle, morals) what you do not live.
Female Boy Scout Leader age 51, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 324

Never apologise more than once for anything. Get clear in your own mind what went wrong, and how not to do it again, then pick yourself up and go forward
Female, 45, UK

Wisdom of the Ages 323

Take pride in whatever your current job or role is. You will be surprised at how many people notice and appreciate it, even if you never hear from them!

iva wedding

Wisdom of the Ages 322

It’s not all about me. I am not important – it is what I give that matters.
Burtine- mother or 2, grandmother of 1 – 72 years of age. Canada

Wisdom of the Ages 321

From a retiring psychiatrist after many years of practice: It all comes down to three words: lower your expectations.

From a friend married over 65 years: Marriage will never be a 50-50 deal; sometimes it’s 70-30 you and sometimes it’s 90-10 him, but it’s never 50-50, so just get on with it.

From my own long career: If you will solve all the organization’s problems at your own expense, they will let you.

Gratitude is difficult to engender in the young.

It doesn’t take long to get sick of learning the hard way, but it’s the only way we learn.

It’s all personal.

Location, location, location. Be where you are.

In a world where being dead is preferable to being fat, learn to accept your body.

DRP in Texas

Wisdom of the Ages 320

“Waterproof” is one of those concepts for which there is no corresponding physical reality.
Drifter Smith (long time whitewate river guide), 60 years old, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 319

1. No one can grant or take away your dignity. You can only do that for yourself.
2. Be cautious when volunteering; no good deed goes unpunished.

47 year old male and I live in the US of A.

Wisdom of the Ages 318

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A simple mantra for a wonderful life – ‘Be happy, but never content’. This means you’ll always look for the brighter side of life and look to improve what you now have/do/are

Marcus 38 Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 317

I’ve learned that in life there are just 3 stages of understanding that are important

We start off thinking that stage one is the most important and many never move beyond it. Stage One is ‘I understand that what others think of me is important’. And so we worry and stress that what others think somehow makes a difference.

Then Stage Two comes along – ‘I understand that what I think about me is important’. And so we strive to give ourselves what we think is important and can forget that there are others ‘out there’.

And finally Stage 3 of understanding occurs – this is a rare level and many do not make it this far. In this level you work out that ‘what others think of you’ is not really important. You work out that ‘what you think of yourself’ is kind of important and finally you discover and understand that what REALLY counts is ‘what others think YOU think of YOU’ that is important.

This is a liberating experience because people ultimately judge you based on what they think that you think about yourself. When you have this level of understanding you know where to work on yourself, how to accept feedback in all its forms and can forgive yourself for not yet having attained ‘perfection’.

Marcus 38 Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 316

My piece of wisdom is from my mother: never marry a man expecting to change him. He’ll change, but not in the ways you wanted or expected him to. If you don’t like him the way he is, don’t marry him.

Caryn, 45, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 315

“My Best is Good enough”

Anita age 58 USA