Wisdom of the Ages 308

People always do things for a reason. Understand their reasons and you are half way to solving the problem.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch but it sure is nice to get one.

When you wonder if it’s ok to do something, think what would happen “if every body did it”. That will help you decide. ( For example, if everyone downloaded copyrighted music for free, the music companies would go out of business and then we would lose the privilege of buying it). Ask yourself if you were in the person’s on the other end shoes, would you like it? If no, then don’t do it.

Regarding how you treat people, would you like to be treated the way you treat others? (oh yeah, this is called “the Golden Rule” in case you didn’t recognize it).

Only a foolish cook goes hungry (this is the the best advice my mother gave me)

Measure twice and cut once (this is the best advice from my dad.)

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