Wisdom of the Ages 301

Su from Floating needle has contributed to the Wisdom of the Ages project with this piece of wisdom.

“After going through one spouse dying, one divorce, much angst and disruption in my life, I’ve learned a couple of important things which I try to apply every day:

1. It’s not my fault
I don’t mean that I avoid responsibility for my actions but that I can’t be responsible for everyone else’s actions.

2. It just doesn’t matter
In the long run, it doesn’t matter if I find dirty dishes that haven’t been washed properly by someone else. It won’t stop the world from turning, or the sun from shining. Two minutes of my time making them clean gives me a sense of accomplishment and clean dishes. I haven’t stressed myself out by complaining about it, I just thank my stars that someone bothered to help out, even if they didn’t do it well. At least they tried.

3. Don’t sweat the little things because everything is a little thing.
Keep a sense of proportion about life. All those trendy new ‘rages’ such as ‘road rage’ ‘phone rage’ and whatever is the latest buzzword are irrelevant and would never happen if people didn’t value others so cheaply and themselves so excessively. Does it matter if you’re one car behind in line? Will it stop world hunger if you’re not the next person served? Will the world spin more slowly if you’re not the first person to get the latest thingy? Nope.
I don’t always put these into practice well, but I try. I’m not perfect, but I try to be good.

And finally:
Tell someone you love them, right now. Don’t wait, it could be too late even ten minutes from now. Life’s too short. I mean it. Life’s too short.”

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