Wisdom of the Ages 290

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is to be generous. Be generous of my time, my expertise, myself. My most recent experience with generosity was to walk a person to the destination they wanted to go to. Three weeks later I got a call from a editor of a magazine offering me a wonderful opportunity. When I asked her how she heard of me ( I do have a website, http://www.barbarakerrknits.com) she said that the woman I walked with was her mother!

Generosity is something I’ve practiced all my life.
It is most important to be generous when you least feel like it. An example of this is I was asked to take a thankless assignment at work. I was the 4th supervisor in 2 years to do this job. The previous three had been asked to leave. I graciously agreed to take on the job, very well aware of the problems to come. Two and a half years later I was offered early retirement, the only supervisor who had the tenure and age. It didn’t come a moment too soon, the pressure to leave was getting unbearable.

Gender, age and country of origin unknown

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