Wisdom of the Ages 351

Kimberly of the Antique quilt and textile dating site, sent me a very thoughtful contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project.

An important lesson I have learned- To open your eyes and your mind to your surroundings each and every day. When I was in graduate school in psychology I came to realize that I was so excited about my program and so mesmerized by books and discussions, I became oblivious to anything else and every one else around me. So, I began to go to the nearby ocean park where they had a rose bed. I made myself “stop and smell the roses” a few times each week until I liked taking in and noticing nature so much it became a part of my daily routine no matter what I was doing. I live in a beautiful state, but I had to take my eyes and thoughts off of the traffic, up to the sky and mountains, or over to the green trees and flowers, to see them- to clear my mind of the pressured thoughts of “musts and have-tos and shoulds” long enough to take in the beauty in front of me, long enough to hold it in your mind and senses instead of the other thoughts. This mental relief opens the mind to creativity and excitement, and is just as important as learning from a book or teacher. I have learned that creativity leads to more creativity and so on it multiplies, where a closed or narrow-focused mind and senses will stop creativity from emerging naturally and freely. Creativity, in actions, thoughts, and behavior adds so much to my life. Museums, unusual exhibits and magazines, and other venues of creative pursuits also open my mind to allow more creativity to emerge for my pleasure.

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