Wisdom of the Ages 290

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is to be generous. Be generous of my time, my expertise, myself. My most recent experience with generosity was to walk a person to the destination they wanted to go to. Three weeks later I got a call from a editor of a magazine offering me a wonderful opportunity. When I asked her how she heard of me ( I do have a website, http://www.barbarakerrknits.com) she said that the woman I walked with was her mother!

Generosity is something I’ve practiced all my life.
It is most important to be generous when you least feel like it. An example of this is I was asked to take a thankless assignment at work. I was the 4th supervisor in 2 years to do this job. The previous three had been asked to leave. I graciously agreed to take on the job, very well aware of the problems to come. Two and a half years later I was offered early retirement, the only supervisor who had the tenure and age. It didn’t come a moment too soon, the pressure to leave was getting unbearable.

Gender, age and country of origin unknown


Wisdom of the Ages 351

Kimberly of the Antique quilt and textile dating site, sent me a very thoughtful contribution to the Wisdom of the Ages project.

An important lesson I have learned- To open your eyes and your mind to your surroundings each and every day. When I was in graduate school in psychology I came to realize that I was so excited about my program and so mesmerized by books and discussions, I became oblivious to anything else and every one else around me. So, I began to go to the nearby ocean park where they had a rose bed. I made myself “stop and smell the roses” a few times each week until I liked taking in and noticing nature so much it became a part of my daily routine no matter what I was doing. I live in a beautiful state, but I had to take my eyes and thoughts off of the traffic, up to the sky and mountains, or over to the green trees and flowers, to see them- to clear my mind of the pressured thoughts of “musts and have-tos and shoulds” long enough to take in the beauty in front of me, long enough to hold it in your mind and senses instead of the other thoughts. This mental relief opens the mind to creativity and excitement, and is just as important as learning from a book or teacher. I have learned that creativity leads to more creativity and so on it multiplies, where a closed or narrow-focused mind and senses will stop creativity from emerging naturally and freely. Creativity, in actions, thoughts, and behavior adds so much to my life. Museums, unusual exhibits and magazines, and other venues of creative pursuits also open my mind to allow more creativity to emerge for my pleasure.

Wisdom of the Ages 289

Being single is a gift from God. Having friends who will love you with respect and correction is more valuable than gold. Having Jesus as your number one friend, your only Higher Power and your guide through life makes life worth living.
35 year old female Tacoma WA USA

Wisdom of the Ages 288

My life lesson is to like your inner self and don’t worry about what others may think of you. Don’t bow to fads or peer pressure. Think for yourself. Live each day to the fullest.
Female, Parker, Colorado USA

Wisdom of the Ages 287

Don’t wait to tell someone you love them, they may not be there tomorrow!!
Don’t worry about things you can’t change.
Put spiritual values first, and everything else fits into place. It brings real satisfaction and true happiness, which no-one can take away.
38, female, UK

Wisdom of the Ages 286

No one does anything until they are ready. You can present them with all the information, arguments and data in the world, but until they are ready, they won’t do it, believe it, learn it. You can’t make them, so don’t make yourself … And them … Miserable.. Accept and love them for who they are or move on.
Female 52, California, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 285

Listen to your elders for they know first the secrets of the universe.
Name, ages and country or origin with held

Wisdom of the Ages 284

It doesn’t matter where you live on this planet we all experience the same. With all the differences we are all so similar. The love kindness genuine sincerity that is expressed makes me realize we are made in the image of our God, by our God. I will never lay eyes on any of you, but know that you have done so much good for taking the time to share. God bless you all, pray for peace, may we all just love one another.
Female age unknown, Qld Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 283

The golden rule : Do unto others as you would have done unto you. That means treat everyone with the respect, love, kindness and dignity that each and every one of us deserves as a human being.
Female, 29, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 282

Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
Female, 42, US

Wisdom of the Ages 281

I have learned that life IS learning. Every day I see new things, grow to appreciate something new, open my mind and heart a little bit more.
And when I feel that I have somehow made a mistake and start to feel negative, I remind myself, “I am learning”. Life is practise – a continual process of growing. Wish I could find out what the practise is for, but I’m guessing it’s for something even more wonderful.
Female, 35, United States

Wisdom of the Ages 280

Never lose your sense of humor! Life is truely, how you look at it. If you can find something to laugh about, then your still in charge of your own perspective.
“Life is……10%- What happens to you, 90%-How you react to it”
(I forget who said that)
another favorite quote from George Carlin
“Life gives you a ticket to the freak show, sit back and enjoy the circus!”
Female California, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 279

1. It’s OK to grow older, just don’t grow old!
2. As long as you’re alive, keep on learning.
3. If you can’t be happy, be content.
4. Life is GOOD !

female, 61, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 278

What I’ve learnt from life is that we should always look around & observe what people are going through & that we should not make the same mistakes . We have got this human life & we have to make full use of it in a positive way !
Female 41 years India

Wisdom of the Ages 277

In a Bible-study course our leader, a Christian psychologist, gave us this thought:
Just think about it!
I am 69 yrs. young, retired, volunteering and loving it! From the great state of TEXAS!

Wisdom of the Ages 276

I am 53 years old. I used to worry about every little detail from housework to my manicure. I have learned being clean is a lot different from being fanatical. I don’t take tomorrow for granted anymore, so I do what I want to do today. I spend time reading, playing and learning on the computer, doing my embroidery, play with my kitten, take a nap, watch a movie, talk with my children when they need me. My advice pertains to an old saying: “Life is what happens while you are making other plans.” So, don’t put off until tomorrow what you want to do today…
Female 53 country of origin unknown