Wisdom of the Ages 268

I have 3 or 4 contributions…
1. There is no such thing as a stupid question, there are only stupid answers. You never learn if you don’t ask.
2. Try to never let anything that you’’ve started go unfinished; It becomes another one of those roadblocks to reaching your goals when you have incomplete projects in your way. (This also applies to relationships)
3. Don’t wait for tomorrow to let the people you care for know it! Tomorrow is an illusion, and it’s far too easy to allow tomorrow to never come, or at least not until it’s too late.
4. If you haven’t used it/worn it/played with it in at least 12 months, GET RID of it! (This is for those of us like myself who are ‘packrats’ by nature) Chances are, someone you know or know of will appreciate it, and you may even improve your home life as your stockpile diminishes; Spouses tend to show gratitude and tensions ease as navigation through the home improves,…Plus, you’ve made another person happy in the giving of it.
5. DON’T BE SO SELFISH! The world today has lost sight of manners and sacrifice,two qualities that throughout the ages have made this world a more enjoyable and livable place. Which leads me to…
6. The almighty dollar is NOT so almighty. (Or, “money can’t buy happiness”) I know! I’ve been on BOTH sides, and I am actually happier without the pressures that money buys. If you are happy with yourself, then all of the money in the world won’t improve that, and if you aren’t, then money won’t make you feel any more valuable, except as a piggy-bank to the hangers-on you will attract.
7. Never argue with a person who reads a lot; They’ve probably learned something within those pages that might make you sorry if you do.
Robin, 40, California

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