Wisdom of the Ages 261

What have i learnt in life? a hell of a lot.my parents divorced when i was 10, when my dad went into deep depression.At that stage i learnt that if u luv someone..u have to let them go..gracefully. Then later on my mother got a new partner who was very abusive not only to her but to me and my 2 siblings as well.At that point in my life i learnt that there truely are evil people in the world. Later on from that my mother would press charges then withdraw them. this would continue for so long and my siblings and i paid the price.. having to grow up very quickly to look after our mother who once even got her jaw broken.we went to the police numerous times to get help but noone would want anything to do with it. then i learnt that the justice system is outdated and needed reform. at this stage i was 14.Now all has worked out ok.. my mother still lives with her partner but he is not as abusive as b4, and we dont c him.but she claims she loves him.now i am doing my hsc and working hard to learn from my parents mistakes.i belive that there is not enough help in regional nsw for kids in abusive homes,as doc’s have no idea.so wat have i learnt? i have learnt that some people dont love eachother, they depend on each other…and that there is hope always and inspite of your circumstances, you can still be a nice person..and achieve your dreams

female 17 yrs old and i live in australia, nsw

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