Wisdom of the Ages 275

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to remember that whatever I do today will be a memory for the rest of my life. I have made it my goal to create good memories.
I’m a 52-year-old woman and I live in the US.


Wisdom of the Ages 274

What I have learned and has been the most valuable to me is this: Acceptance is the most important thing in ANY relationship. Acceptance of self. Acceptance of others and their ‘flaws’. If you truly care for someone, you ACCEPT them unconditionally.
I’m female, 48, married twice, have 2 beautiful, loving children, and live in the United States of America.

Wisdom of the Ages 273

Moaning achieves nothing. Just get on with it. Life ain’t all you want, but it’s all you got. So grab it.
Female 54, Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 272

I firmly believe that one has to take one’s destiny into ones own hands. I have found that for every negative experience an important positive experience or reponse is about to occur. It may not be what we expected, however it is necessary to help us reach our fullest potential. I also believe that self reflection is most important. However, do not let other individuals override your essence as an individual.
Female, 50 yrs Charmhaven, NSW, Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 271

I have learned to tell the difference between the things I want and the things I need.
Tracy 48 U.S.A.

Wisdom of the Ages 270

Somewhere before the age of 50… everyone seems to have a 7 year period of bad things happening to them. Family members die; illnesses are discovered; marriages dissolve; jobs disappear.
If most people look at their life they will find these things happening within a 7 year cycle.
And… (and here’s the lesson): We are meant to learn a BIG LESSON during this time. learn it, and LIFE becomes easier; fail to learn it correctly, and the bad things seem to repeat.Trust the BIG LESSONS whatever they are. They are probably NOT what one wants to hear… and they are often variations of live YOUR life… not your family’s or friends.
Female age and country of origin not stated

Wisdom of the Ages 269

I have learned to relax and to live in the marvelous present moment. This allows me to enjoy life without past recriminations or future worries.
Elizabeth. age 53 country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 268

I have 3 or 4 contributions…
1. There is no such thing as a stupid question, there are only stupid answers. You never learn if you don’t ask.
2. Try to never let anything that you’’ve started go unfinished; It becomes another one of those roadblocks to reaching your goals when you have incomplete projects in your way. (This also applies to relationships)
3. Don’t wait for tomorrow to let the people you care for know it! Tomorrow is an illusion, and it’s far too easy to allow tomorrow to never come, or at least not until it’s too late.
4. If you haven’t used it/worn it/played with it in at least 12 months, GET RID of it! (This is for those of us like myself who are ‘packrats’ by nature) Chances are, someone you know or know of will appreciate it, and you may even improve your home life as your stockpile diminishes; Spouses tend to show gratitude and tensions ease as navigation through the home improves,…Plus, you’ve made another person happy in the giving of it.
5. DON’T BE SO SELFISH! The world today has lost sight of manners and sacrifice,two qualities that throughout the ages have made this world a more enjoyable and livable place. Which leads me to…
6. The almighty dollar is NOT so almighty. (Or, “money can’t buy happiness”) I know! I’ve been on BOTH sides, and I am actually happier without the pressures that money buys. If you are happy with yourself, then all of the money in the world won’t improve that, and if you aren’t, then money won’t make you feel any more valuable, except as a piggy-bank to the hangers-on you will attract.
7. Never argue with a person who reads a lot; They’ve probably learned something within those pages that might make you sorry if you do.
Robin, 40, California

Wisdom of the Ages 267

As a little girl my grandmother took me to church every Sunday and I went along happily. When I hit my teen years I pretty forgot religion though. Years went by and one day I found myself a mother with a very sick baby. The doctors told me to prepare for what they thought was inevitable, but something inside me knew they were wrong. I sat by my baby in that hospital and remembered my grandmother and the faith she had tried to share with me and prayed. Today, my baby is an active 10 year-old. Sometimes I look at her in wonder – she is truly a walking miracle.
So the lesson, the most important one, I have learnt in life is that faith *can* accomplish miracles.
Chen – 36 – Brazil

Wisdom of the Ages 266

Let life unfold for you like a big beautiful flower that blooms in its own time and appreciate every moment of thae process of living.

Wisdom of the Ages 265

I am a performer, and the best advice I ever got was from a semi-famous actor who said “keep your overhead low and always have a day job”. It has proven to be very helpful.
Gender age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 264

The most important thing I have learned is that if I keep coming upon the same situation in my life, then it is a lesson I need to learn in order to move forward. Some people tend to blame situations or other people for their misfortunes, but I feel we control much of what happens in our lives. If you ever catch yourself thinking, “why does this always happen to me?”, it’s probably an area of your life where you really need to examine what you may be doing to continually end up in the same type of situation. This is true about most life experiences: relationships, work-related problems, car troubles, etc. Usually there is something you need to change in your behavior or actions to prevent that problem from becoming a pattern. When you view life in this way, you are able to face your challenges head on instead of wallowing in self pity.
Gender age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 263

When you are overwhelmed with their faults….Remember you have just as many that they have to deal with, and maybe more….nah!
I like sleeping with my own blanket tucked all around me…My husband hates that about me…he likes to lay next to me. For the last 29 years we argue almost every night about this….Well…lately I have been doing some handwork on my side of the bed during the evenings watching Christmas movies….3 nights ago I told him I lost a needle on my side of the bed…..(not really) for 3 nights he has slept on his side of the bed…………. I should have taken up needle work along time ago.

female age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 262

My biggest lesson in life so far is to love myself and trust my own judgement – it rarely fails me and when it does it has usually been for me to learn something. In loving myself I find I can accept others as they in most cases. There must be something with sewer’s, Are they philosophers too?
I have a Words of Wisdom page on my site http://www.users.hunterlink.net.au/~macpn.
Patricia, 57, Queensland Australia.

Wisdom of the Ages 261

What have i learnt in life? a hell of a lot.my parents divorced when i was 10, when my dad went into deep depression.At that stage i learnt that if u luv someone..u have to let them go..gracefully. Then later on my mother got a new partner who was very abusive not only to her but to me and my 2 siblings as well.At that point in my life i learnt that there truely are evil people in the world. Later on from that my mother would press charges then withdraw them. this would continue for so long and my siblings and i paid the price.. having to grow up very quickly to look after our mother who once even got her jaw broken.we went to the police numerous times to get help but noone would want anything to do with it. then i learnt that the justice system is outdated and needed reform. at this stage i was 14.Now all has worked out ok.. my mother still lives with her partner but he is not as abusive as b4, and we dont c him.but she claims she loves him.now i am doing my hsc and working hard to learn from my parents mistakes.i belive that there is not enough help in regional nsw for kids in abusive homes,as doc’s have no idea.so wat have i learnt? i have learnt that some people dont love eachother, they depend on each other…and that there is hope always and inspite of your circumstances, you can still be a nice person..and achieve your dreams

female 17 yrs old and i live in australia, nsw

Wisdom of the Ages 260

Anyone can do anything, one step at a time. Some things just take longer to accomplish, sometimes much longer.
Female , 50+ from Canada