Wisdom of the Ages 259

Robert Kennedy said: “Good luck is what you make while bad luck is what you endure.”

I also think of being adventurous. Writing poetry. Enjoying doing something you like. More than that, doing what makes you excited!

Sometimes we have to wait to “have it our way” and so it is good to have more than one iron in the fire. Kindness is important. Loyalty to one’s friends. Giving presents like jams, jellies, things you make from the heart. Taking a friend out for lunch on the friend’s birthday. Having friends in for dinner and conversation. Reading books to keep learning lessons from another’s point of view.

A big lesson I learned once: If something is done to another that is not right, do not wait to make it right or hope that the impact of the wrong will disappear. Fix it right away.
Female married for 56 years from California

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