Wisdom of the Ages 253

No-one can make you happy… Happiness comes from within. You can’t put the burden of your happiness on someone elses shoulders. Life is exactly what you make it!

I was married at 18 and have been married (happily) for 21 years. A few years ago someone asked me what was the secret to a happy marriage, I gave that question alot of thought. The first response was to say that laughter will see you through anything. If you can laugh together EVERY day, the road doesn’t seem so rough. But more important is to realize that we all grow and change continuously. Time does not stand still. I am not the same person I was 21 years ago, but my husband and I have made a conscious decision to grow and change together and to celebrate those changes. This was a realization we came to in the first few years of our marriage (considering we were children, that realization amazes me) and there were times when one or the other of us didn’t particularly care for some of the changes we saw in the other (ever heard the term “golf widow”?), but we made it in spite of the odds.

Another VERY important thing I’ve learned…. You can’t spoil a child with love and attention and understanding (believe me, I tried my best), overindulgence and never saying “NO” spoils children.

An important lesson from childhood, learned in church. Whatever you give of yourself with a generous and loving spirit will return to you ten-fold. I have seen this proven countless times. Do something good for someone, with no ulterior motive, and see the good that will come back to you… You will be blessed.

Woman ~ Ohio, USA ~ 39 years young

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