Wisdom of the Ages 259

Robert Kennedy said: “Good luck is what you make while bad luck is what you endure.”

I also think of being adventurous. Writing poetry. Enjoying doing something you like. More than that, doing what makes you excited!

Sometimes we have to wait to “have it our way” and so it is good to have more than one iron in the fire. Kindness is important. Loyalty to one’s friends. Giving presents like jams, jellies, things you make from the heart. Taking a friend out for lunch on the friend’s birthday. Having friends in for dinner and conversation. Reading books to keep learning lessons from another’s point of view.

A big lesson I learned once: If something is done to another that is not right, do not wait to make it right or hope that the impact of the wrong will disappear. Fix it right away.
Female married for 56 years from California


Wisdom of the Ages 258

If I can’t say something nice about someone, KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT! (this is really hard)
Tell people I love that I do love them, every day if possible.
Kiss my huband hello & goodbye (everytime!)
Hug your children & grandchildren, and be sure to tell them you love them!

I am female, 52 yrs old, live in Columbus County, North Carolina.

Wisdom of the Ages 257

When life deals you a Lemon, make lemonade and realise we do not have any control.
from a female lemonade drinker in London UK

Wisdom of the Ages 256

Being blessed with a rather full “behind” my mother gave me wisdom of the ages. When departing on an airplane as a teenager to rush a sorority in another city my mother’s parting words were “stoop, don’t bend”.
Female age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 255

Only God can read hearts.
Female, age 55, U.S.A.

Wisdom of the Ages 254

Just give it to God, cause he’s in control. And have Faith.
46 year old NY female

Wisdom of the Ages 253

No-one can make you happy… Happiness comes from within. You can’t put the burden of your happiness on someone elses shoulders. Life is exactly what you make it!

I was married at 18 and have been married (happily) for 21 years. A few years ago someone asked me what was the secret to a happy marriage, I gave that question alot of thought. The first response was to say that laughter will see you through anything. If you can laugh together EVERY day, the road doesn’t seem so rough. But more important is to realize that we all grow and change continuously. Time does not stand still. I am not the same person I was 21 years ago, but my husband and I have made a conscious decision to grow and change together and to celebrate those changes. This was a realization we came to in the first few years of our marriage (considering we were children, that realization amazes me) and there were times when one or the other of us didn’t particularly care for some of the changes we saw in the other (ever heard the term “golf widow”?), but we made it in spite of the odds.

Another VERY important thing I’ve learned…. You can’t spoil a child with love and attention and understanding (believe me, I tried my best), overindulgence and never saying “NO” spoils children.

An important lesson from childhood, learned in church. Whatever you give of yourself with a generous and loving spirit will return to you ten-fold. I have seen this proven countless times. Do something good for someone, with no ulterior motive, and see the good that will come back to you… You will be blessed.

Woman ~ Ohio, USA ~ 39 years young

Wisdom of the Ages 252

I’ve learned that there is a balance between faith and worry.. more worry, less faith.. more faith, less worry… that everyone deserves respect, no matter what age, race, faith, sex, ability or disability.. and I’ve learned to like myself, if I strive to never be disappointed in my abilities or actions, then I will not disappoint others either.
Female , 52, Oklahoma

Wisdom of the Ages 251

The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. James Taylor.
Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it, make the most of it. My mum and others.
To be able to laugh and chuckle with others is the greatest tonic. Me.
51 year old female UK.

Wisdom of the Ages 250

There’s only one ‘First Time’ for anything.” This always came in handy when my kids were nervous about any new experience – new school, new job, etc. I also found comfort in repeating it to myself…first intimacy, first labor and delivery, first pap exam, first surgery, etc.
It never hurts to ask. All they can do is say “No.” This one I learned as a parent volunteer at my kids’ school and I had to beg community businesses for free or cheap stuff. Still works!
Female in NH, USA age ‘around 50′

Wisdom of the Ages 249

Everybody has his or her own particular Hell in life. It can take almost any form, but whatever it is, it causes suffering. The catch is to survive the suffering, and learn its lesson. In my own life, I have learned that compassion meets and conquers every situation. This enabled me, at my son’s wedding, to kiss his father, the man who attempted my murder some 25 years earlier.
On a practical note: Don’t eat to keep your spouse/children company. Don’t finish the food on your children’s plates. (unless you’d like to gain weight.) — And the house never will be clean: entertain anyhow.
Female, 48, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 248

My late mother said, “Grow roses, and visit them every day.” ….not always to be taken literally, of course. My mother-in-law says, “Watch out for leopards!” meaning….expect the unexpected
And I believe “we are judged by how we treat the least of us.”
All three of these things have proved to be wonderful life wisdom for me.
Female age unknown Idaho, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 247

In my journey through life I have found that we have to make our own choices in life and be responsible for those choices, I have also learned that “misery is optional” we don’t have to dwell on our disappointments, deal with it and move on, and that our expectations are not always shared by everyone else, if fact rarely. There is so much we can learn through reading, listening to physiologists, but experience is the best teacher, learn to listen to your heart, be good to others and I don’t think you can go far wrong.
Female age 60 country of origin unknown.

Wisdom of the Ages 246

The one of the biggest leasons in my life that I have learned is that there is NOTHING more important than PEOPLE. Loving them no matter if they are related or not to you. Not how much money one has or the things one can own. But Simply People.
Michigan , USA I am 37 female

Wisdom of the Ages 245

Ask and receive permission before you take, give thanks after you receive.
Male country and age unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 244

“I can’t and don’t know everything!”
Female age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 243

“Mother-in-law dies, raising 2 little girls, breast cancer diagnosis, husband loses job………..2002 started out as a crummy year.
The up side: Husband was home to take care of kids and home while I went through surgeries and treatment. Losing mom gave us the funds to survive the loss of the job. The sister-in-law that was my advocate through it all was re-diagnosed with cancer while I was in treatment. Because my husband was still unemployed, I was able to care for her until the end. She died this summer. Husband got a job about the same time. He was off work 15 months.
The lesson learned here………..Everything Happens For A Reason……..”
Woman, age 55, MI

Wisdom of the Ages 242

“(1 )Hold those you love with open arms-this is attributed to a Japanese proverb I read long ago and finishing off the tail end of “teenagerdom” I found it both useful and difficult. It now pays off as my children have learnt that although they are fledged there are always open arms to fly back to. They realise I’m not snooping when I want to know where they are and I afford them the same courtesy and respect in return. They have never had a curfew nor needed one and have responsible jobs and work ethic. Proud-You Betcha!
(2) Be selfish. Say No. (This one took a long time to learn!) The more you nurture yourself the more you are able to nurture others and love multiplies.
Female, 54 years, Emu PLains NSW Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 241

“I’ve learned a lot from life but the primary lesson has been that attitude is everything. Abe Lincoln said “People are just about as happy as they decide they want to be…” or something close to that.
And I think he’s right. Happiness is a decision. The messages I give myself have a great deal to do with what my life is like. Negative messages equal a negative attitude and trials, troubles, tribulations and depression. Positive messages equal a good attitude and strength and courage to face life’s troubling issues… and the ability to find happiness in the least things.”
Age, Gender and country of Origin unknown