Wisdom of the Ages 220

“1. I have learned that when you have done the best you can in the way you raise your kids, the bad choices they may make as they turn 20 plus, are NOT a reflection on your parenting. They are the child’s responsibility.
2. I have learned that life is not fair. And that the more quickly you accept this, without allowing it to cause you to get bitter, the happier you will be.
3. I have learned that the most valuable thing in the world you can have, is a partner that cares for you more than they care for themselves. So put your utmost into this relationship because as you grow older, it will be worth more than any other possession to you.
4. I have learned that for all the beautiful things you may make with your hands, it doesnt’ compare to the things you create through your kind deeds and gentle heart actions.
5. I have learned that harsh words spoken in anger take a very very long time to heal.
6. I have learned that the grass is in fact, not greener on the other side.
7. I have learned that being a parent can be the most thankless job on the earth. It takes perserverence and determination and a truckload of love to do it well.
8. I have learned that it is only inner strength that makes a person grow.
9. I have learned that some people never grow up.
10. I have learned that it just isn’t worth it to continually rave on until you have shown that you are right. The other people still don’t think you’re right, they are just sick of arguing.
11. I have learned that God can be seen in the little things more than the big things in life. You need a quiet spirit and an open heart to see Him.”
Female, 49 years, Australia.

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