Wisdom of the Ages 217

“It took me 50 years but I believe my greatest lesson learnt is: Trust in God, He will only give what we can handle, and then he will help with the rest. Say a prayer to God he hears all of us. My son taught me to read the bible, and all through college he said he was an atheist. Now he attends church every Sunday. I beleive God had this as part of his plan. On 911, Tom was signed into the Air Force, he transferred from the Army. My fear was that I could loose him. As the days went on he stayed home. Every day I prayed to God, please keep him safe. God did. The problem we now are enduring in the Eastern World, I thought he is an Officer now, he will surely be called on. Because of his job description he has been sationed state side and not deployed. The missles Tom works with are here, under ground. And, still every day I pray to God, Keep him safe. I Trust in the Lord and all will be shown as to what his intentions are.”
Gender, country of origin and age unknown.

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