Wisdom of the Ages 224

“Be honest with yourself. It’s much harder than it seems.”
Age Gender and country or origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 223

“More you know, more you understand people and the world, and understanding makes you wiser.”
Gender unknown , 32, Santiago de Chile

Wisdom of the Ages 222

“My little nephew taught me unconditional love. He is my great teacher. My partner has taught me that love means the freedom to go and let go, if it has to be”
Gender, country of origin and age unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 221

“Well…… summarizing… life has taught me three important lessons: To always be humble, loving and to have a smile, my heart and my hands ready to help; to smile and laugh as much and wide as possible, specially at myself so I dont get much self importance and forgiveness. ”
Female 23, Mexico

Wisdom of the Ages 220

“1. I have learned that when you have done the best you can in the way you raise your kids, the bad choices they may make as they turn 20 plus, are NOT a reflection on your parenting. They are the child’s responsibility.
2. I have learned that life is not fair. And that the more quickly you accept this, without allowing it to cause you to get bitter, the happier you will be.
3. I have learned that the most valuable thing in the world you can have, is a partner that cares for you more than they care for themselves. So put your utmost into this relationship because as you grow older, it will be worth more than any other possession to you.
4. I have learned that for all the beautiful things you may make with your hands, it doesnt’ compare to the things you create through your kind deeds and gentle heart actions.
5. I have learned that harsh words spoken in anger take a very very long time to heal.
6. I have learned that the grass is in fact, not greener on the other side.
7. I have learned that being a parent can be the most thankless job on the earth. It takes perserverence and determination and a truckload of love to do it well.
8. I have learned that it is only inner strength that makes a person grow.
9. I have learned that some people never grow up.
10. I have learned that it just isn’t worth it to continually rave on until you have shown that you are right. The other people still don’t think you’re right, they are just sick of arguing.
11. I have learned that God can be seen in the little things more than the big things in life. You need a quiet spirit and an open heart to see Him.”
Female, 49 years, Australia.

Wisdom of the Ages 219

“I’m only responsible for doing my best.
Being a grandmother is the greatest experience of my life.
That age is a state of mind.
Life is short, the road is long, hurry (Martha Stewart).
I can judge a person’s character by how he/she treats those who can do nothing for or to him/her.”
Female country of origin and age unknown.

Wisdom of the Ages 218

“The most useful wisdom I have acquired has followed me through my adult life. It has humbled me and guided my beliefs and opinions. It is the equality of all persons. In understanding people that do not share my likes or dislikes, I try to stand outside of myself and my prejudices, and place myself in someone else’s shoes and accept their right to have conflicting views. No one nor no country has the right to force any sort of existence on anyone in the name of righteousness. The world is made up of so many different ways of life, so many different views and we do ourselves an injustice in trying to change the world to be just one way. The world is rich in different cultures and so very interesting to be living among these cultures and in harmony.”
Female 55 years Chicago, Illinois, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 217

“It took me 50 years but I believe my greatest lesson learnt is: Trust in God, He will only give what we can handle, and then he will help with the rest. Say a prayer to God he hears all of us. My son taught me to read the bible, and all through college he said he was an atheist. Now he attends church every Sunday. I beleive God had this as part of his plan. On 911, Tom was signed into the Air Force, he transferred from the Army. My fear was that I could loose him. As the days went on he stayed home. Every day I prayed to God, please keep him safe. God did. The problem we now are enduring in the Eastern World, I thought he is an Officer now, he will surely be called on. Because of his job description he has been sationed state side and not deployed. The missles Tom works with are here, under ground. And, still every day I pray to God, Keep him safe. I Trust in the Lord and all will be shown as to what his intentions are.”
Gender, country of origin and age unknown.

Wisdom of the Ages 216

“God is not a figment of our imagination – we are a creation of His.”
Male, 47, Florida, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 215

” The most important lesson that I have learned is: I can do anything that I choose to do as long as I am willing to pay the consequences.”
Age 39 Country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 214

“Our friends make “mistakes”. . . our enemies commit “crimes”.”
Male age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 213

“That life is short and should be savored and enjoyed – especially with family. And that art is more important than I gave it credit for (when I was younger I thought it was worthless) but now I know better -it is healing, enriching, provoking and most importantly worthwhile”
Female, 31 years country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 212

“Two very interesting early directions in life.
When I was a child we lived in a very remote and mountainous area. As soon as I was young enough to understand, my father would say to me: If I take you up bush, and you get lost, you always walk down hill, until you find a creek, and follow it until it becomes a river. When you get to a bridge that crosses that river, wait there for us to find you.
My mother would say to me: Women fought for the vote, women died for the vote – when you get old enough to vote, don’t you dare waste your vote!”
Female Local Government Politician, 51 yrs, Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 211

“The greatest lesson I have learned in my life so far is to never judge anyone. Accept all.”
Female age and country unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 210

“3 years ago my 4 year old son was diagnosed with leukemia. Instantly I learned exactly where my priorities were. I was actually surprised at where I found them. Not with the house or car payment, not with my job, not with alot of things I thought were most important. Of course life had to go on and those things had to have a place, just not in front of my family. One thing it changed for me permanently, is that I no longer had a tolerance for trivial garbage. I found myself disconnecting from people that I had considered friends. I suddenly noticed that some people in my life were miserably negative. I now clearly understood what people meant by life is too short. Of course we will always have bad days, and we should try to help each other through that. I think the most important thing is to try to find a smile or laugh as often as possible. I look to God for strength and I thank Him for a wonderful support system.”
Female, 40, California, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 209

“I have learned that there is no shame in failure; its the lesson which teaches how to do things right. I have learned that there is no point in holding anger in your heart because the person you are angry with is enjoying their life oblivious to your pain and it is only you who is suffering for it.”
Female (47), Bristol UK