Wisdom of the Ages 208

“I learned the most important lesson in life from my stepmother. As a child she was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes, one of the most severe forms of diabetes. Doctors told her she would not make it out of her twenties They were wrong, she is going to be fifty in June of 2003. Every birthday my stepmother celebrates. She doesn’t look at age as a curse or something to dread but as a gift to be celebrated. In my short life I have watched so many people bemoan each birthday, taking for granted the gift we each recieve in another year with our loved ones.I have vowed to live my life as a celebration. We are not guarenteed another year, another month, another week, or even another day. The greatest lesson I have learned in life is to celebrate life. Take each day and embrace it and make the most of it”

Angela Harris 28 gender female, North Carolina, USA, a mother to 3 and one more on the way.

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