Wisdom of the Ages 200

“There are many things I have learned in my short but seemingly long life span. Here are only a few of them.
1. Without the one and only God in your life, you are nothing.
2. DOG spelled backward is still man’s best friend and always will be.
3. Mothers know almost everything and are there to love. Your mother should be your BEST friend (besides God)
4. Patience is a virtue. (I need to have)
5. Many lessons will come and go but the hardest ones will stay with you and profit you the most.
6. Learn from other people’s mistakes so you do not make the same ones.
7. I know not what the future hold, but I know WHO (GOD) holds the future!
8. The 3 P’s – Prayer leads to Passion, Passion leads to Power through God.
9. Life is like a game of tennis, you cannot win without serving (God) well.
10. Do not put a question mark (?) where God puts a period (.).

Female 13, Texas USA

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