Wisdom of the Ages 208

“I learned the most important lesson in life from my stepmother. As a child she was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes, one of the most severe forms of diabetes. Doctors told her she would not make it out of her twenties They were wrong, she is going to be fifty in June of 2003. Every birthday my stepmother celebrates. She doesn’t look at age as a curse or something to dread but as a gift to be celebrated. In my short life I have watched so many people bemoan each birthday, taking for granted the gift we each recieve in another year with our loved ones.I have vowed to live my life as a celebration. We are not guarenteed another year, another month, another week, or even another day. The greatest lesson I have learned in life is to celebrate life. Take each day and embrace it and make the most of it”

Angela Harris 28 gender female, North Carolina, USA, a mother to 3 and one more on the way.


Wisdom of the Ages 207

“Whether you like it or not, everybody lies sometimes. When you don’t know you’re lying, it’s called a mistake. When you do, you’re a liar. The more mistakes a liar makes, the closer he gets to losing his sense of reality…
If you think “he could also be turning into a normal person”:
Once a liar, always a liar.
A male liar (no matter how hard I try…), 22, The Netherlands

Wisdom of the Ages 206

“After only 21 years I’ve learnt that love does not come in single digits. In your life you love many people and you have to realise this and appreciate every one for what it is.
Knowledge is precious. First imagine never knowing of Leaonardo Da Vinci or Robert Frost. Then imagine who else is out there.”
Female, 21, Perth, Western Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 205

“The only wisdom that truly helps us and is life changing comes from God. The older I get, the more I need Jesus and His wisdom and truth. He is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. His wisdom brings joy, peace and serenity that the world cannot give. What do you need??? Whatever it is, Jesus has it and wants to give it to you, as you trust in Him. HE is the answer!
Female 56,Michigan USA.

Wisdom of the Ages 204

“This time ten years ago I was working in a dead end office job. Whilst this was an improvement on my dead end factory and shop jobs, I still felt that I was progressing sideways instead of upwards. A careers adviser encouraged me to go to university as a mature student (I was 25). I thought university was something other people did but I filled in the forms and to my surprise I got a place. I am now 35 and I have a BA (Hons) degree, a post-graduate diploma and an MSc. It is also important to know when to stop. My fourth degree hit the skids due to health problems and it took me a year to admit defeat. I have now gone full circle and have gone back to my favourite school subject of embroidery and I am now planning to study for a C&G in embroidery. You can achieve anything you want if you put your mind to it. I now work as a Civil Servant, which is a vast improvement of sitting on a shop till (earning half my current salary) with a perma-smile.”
Female Age: 35 Location: London, England

Wisdom of the Ages 203

“The most difficult situations with children can be handled in the easiest ways and that is by loving them to the heart’s content. Children just want their parents to love them in spite of all their mistakes and that’s what parents are for.
Female child psychologist age unknown India

Wisdom of the Ages 202

“I live in a small circle. It goes around my feet. It’s my safe space. And before I invade someone else’s safe space I MAKE myself ask myself, “would I want someone telling me how to live in my safe space?” or “would doing this make living in my safe space happier? Not just happier now, but in the long run.” These two questions seem to apply to everything. From interaction with people, to religion to politics to the environment. If I can’t live with the answer I give myself pertaining to whatever is going on and those questions I stop. I makes life much easier. I like who I am and what I do because of these. Selfishness brings a lot to you but it takes a lot out of the inside.”
Age, gender and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 201

“When you look back at yourself as a younger person, you will always appear thinner and more attractive than you felt at the time.”
Female, 34, Melbourne, Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 200

“There are many things I have learned in my short but seemingly long life span. Here are only a few of them.
1. Without the one and only God in your life, you are nothing.
2. DOG spelled backward is still man’s best friend and always will be.
3. Mothers know almost everything and are there to love. Your mother should be your BEST friend (besides God)
4. Patience is a virtue. (I need to have)
5. Many lessons will come and go but the hardest ones will stay with you and profit you the most.
6. Learn from other people’s mistakes so you do not make the same ones.
7. I know not what the future hold, but I know WHO (GOD) holds the future!
8. The 3 P’s – Prayer leads to Passion, Passion leads to Power through God.
9. Life is like a game of tennis, you cannot win without serving (God) well.
10. Do not put a question mark (?) where God puts a period (.).

Female 13, Texas USA

Wisdom of the Ages 199

“She is more beautiful and successful than me. So does she bear life’s setbacks with greater composure?’
‘Why would one want the applause of fools?’
Sayings attributed to Marcus Aurelius, born in AD121.
I have found the second one particularly pertinent in everyday working life.
The things I have found in real life is, if you go around looking worried and grumpy people will treat you just like that, Smile, no matter what obstacle is in your way.
Or as Marcus says
‘Anger and indignation against things which cross you will but make you a laughing stock.’
I think he says it better than me”
Male aged 43 London, England

Wisdom of the Ages 198

“1- Somebody once said ” Smile whenever you can, cause one day you will look back into your life and discover you never smiled enough”. I know it’s hard with all the worries, but why not try.
2- Humans are so arrogant and selfish, they forget that in the end they go back to the ground with nothing else but the good memories others have of them.
3- Sometimes the closest to your heart hurt you the most, just go on with life and keep on loving them.
4- A difficult early life should make you a stronger person with higher expectations for the future.
Guess what there is still sooooooooo much to learn.”
Female 29, Sudan

Wisdom of the Ages 197

“I have three things:
1. I have learned that my children are a reflection of myself–so if I don’t like the way they are, then maybe I should change.
2. I have learned that keeping my mouth shut makes people think I know more than I really do, and it gives my ears a chance to soak up things that I never would’ve known if my mouth were moving.
3. I have learned that trusting God is the wisest thing I’ve ever done or ever will do.”
Female 27, Ohio US.

Wisdom of the Ages 196

“You never make mistakes in life.You just learn valuable lessons.”
Female, 57 from Scotland and in love with life