Wisdom of the Ages 179

“Thirty-five and alive! Four children and one ex-husband later, I’ve learned the lesson of truth. My parents didn’t lie to me, they just didn’t tell the unadulterated truth about life and love. Being married to a drug and alcohol addict–and dabbling in it myself–I lost all at one point–other than my three kids and my knowledge that if I didn’t get the kids and me away from him, I was going to self-destruct. No home, no
possessions, no self-respect. My life was a complete lie. Now I have a life that I am so proud of, that I share my happiness with all who will listen. Truth is a lesson. Truth is life. Anything else is just a wish
or a lie. Be absolutely honest with your children. Not alarmists, mind you. Just honest about their education and the way life can throw you for a loop. Tell your kids everyday that you love them and that they can shape their own futures to what they want if their willing to work for it–those grades they are making are their’s to be proud of, no matter how much you stay on their backs to do well.”
Female, aged 35 country unknown

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