Wisdom of the Ages 185

“I spent many years as a military wife, then a computer technology wife with a husband who traveled all the time and we moved often. I guess I have learned to take the time to develop true friendships with other women, to place a great value on friendship and make it a priority. That creative, inspiring and bright woman you know is worth wooing as a friend, because she will bless everyone she touches with a little extra joy. In addition, my grandmother lived a very hard life and she taught me that those in dire circumstances need all the brightness we can give, and that a charity quilt should be the loveliest you could put together. She was the salt of the earth and a good example of helping others with a sincere heart. Her home was always open to others. She’d just throw another potato in the pot.”
Female, Age and country of origin unkown


Wisdom of the Ages 184

“Life is not fair. Justice will come someday, but not in my time frame. Happiness happens. Joy is found in Christ, my Lord and Savior. Joy is learning to live with circumstances beyond my control and believing no matter what happens I can survive. I still ask why but, I also pray for wisdom and help. I don’t keep secrets that harm me or someone else. “The truth will set you free.” Giving my heart to Jesus didn’t make my troubles go away, but now I believe there is hope. Life happens, it’s what we do with it that matters.”
Age, Gender and country of origin unkown

Wisdom of the Ages 183

“I have learned a lot in my fifty-seven years. First, I know that there is a God and that there is a plan. I have had totally unrelated, unexpected, good things, real blessings, like someone I didn’t even know calling me up and offering me a job–not once but twice, when I needed that job badly.

Second, I know that we will be blessed in this life with only a few true, good friends who love us just for ourselves, not who or what we are. They will put up with our faults and listen to our problems and “be there” for us. They will be the encouragers and the givers.

Third, I have found out that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to, even math. (I have always been a math illiterate, in spite of several college degrees) If I try long enough and hard enough, I can do it, whatever “it” is.”
Age: 57 Gender: Female Country: USA

Wisdom of the Ages 182

“I have learned through much painful experience, a lesson that centers around three “wise” sayings. The first is always expect people to be just what the are, never better and usually never worse. The next: Love unconditionally, but remember that love is never one sided, only self delusion is. Third: If you take yourself too seriously you make a serious mistake”
female 47 San Jacinto Ca.

Wisdom of the Ages 181

“If it aggravates get rid of it, and, if in doubt, don’t, are the two motto’s I have adopted and passed on to my own children.”
gender age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 180

“Be sure you are right, then go ahead. No matter what you do, do the best you can do In life, as in stitching, ifyou make a mistake, correct it if you can. If you can’t correct it, then remember, only God is perfect.”
62, female, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 179

“Thirty-five and alive! Four children and one ex-husband later, I’ve learned the lesson of truth. My parents didn’t lie to me, they just didn’t tell the unadulterated truth about life and love. Being married to a drug and alcohol addict–and dabbling in it myself–I lost all at one point–other than my three kids and my knowledge that if I didn’t get the kids and me away from him, I was going to self-destruct. No home, no
possessions, no self-respect. My life was a complete lie. Now I have a life that I am so proud of, that I share my happiness with all who will listen. Truth is a lesson. Truth is life. Anything else is just a wish
or a lie. Be absolutely honest with your children. Not alarmists, mind you. Just honest about their education and the way life can throw you for a loop. Tell your kids everyday that you love them and that they can shape their own futures to what they want if their willing to work for it–those grades they are making are their’s to be proud of, no matter how much you stay on their backs to do well.”
Female, aged 35 country unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 178

“Never take anyone you love for granted, keep in touch, and let those you love know how you feel as often as possible.” It’s the old “the more you give, the more you receive” addage.
Female 48, Minnesota USA

Wisdom of the Ages 177

“Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you, and what chocolate can’t fix, your mother usually can.”
Female, 25, Ohio

Wisdom of the Ages 176

“Only you can make you happy. I discovered this revelation during a very low patch of depression early in the 90s, when I was spinning out and didn’t know who I was or what I was doing. It occurred to me that only I could make that decision, and from that came the knowledge that only I could make me happy. I’ve carried that with me, and re-interpreted it in various ways – for example if someone is yelling at me or cursing me, only I can make me mad or angry or upset, not that other person by what they are saying. No-one else should have that power over my life, and I refuse to give it to them. So no matter how other people behave towards me, only I can change my moods. I have become a very strong, centred person as a result of that insight, and it is not easy to take on board, but once you do, it is the most powerful message you can give yourself. Anything becomes possible, because you are responsible completely for who you are and what you do. And I hope it can help someone else.”
33 Years Female Australia