Wisdom of the Ages 169

“I’ve learned a lot in this life, but probably the most important thing is that you get what you focus on (think about a great deal). In other words if you focus on fearful things, poverty, illness, that’s what you get. If you focus on appreciating all the good that’s in the world, how much of that good has come your way, how you can be as emotionally grounded as possible, you’ll be a much happier person.
I believe that thoughts are almost magnetic and attract to you like thoughts until you form a “body of thought” which forms a person’s vibration. Your vibration is a sum of the thoughts that run through your head. Put another way, your frequent thoughts form something like a radio signal which is what we send out to the universe. I’ve turned my life around by putting these ideas into practice. ”
Marie of marie@mariecameron.com (name and address included at the request of the author)
Age unknown, Los Angeles, USA

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