Wisdom of the Ages 175

“The best wisdom I have found for relationships is that what makes you love a person is what will drive you crazy. Choose your friends & lovers knowing this. Most things in life come down to two emotions, love & fear. When you can’t understand what is going on around you, try to find the fear and meet it with real genuine love, it works.”
Female, Canadian and 40!

Wisdom of the Ages 174

“I have learned that with every tomorrow there is some change and that is what hope is.”
age gender and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 173

“I have learnt that the simpler the life you lead the happier you are.”
Age gender and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 172

Children remember everything. Don’t make promises you cant keep.The more smiles you give the more smiles you get.Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today especially since tomorrow will probably be too late. All you can do is live life one day at a time.


Always remember to live with in your means. Just because you want it dosent mean you need it.”
Age 32 Indiana female

Wisdom of the Ages 171

“If you are going to pray, don’t worry.
If you are going to worry, don’t pray.”
Female 55, Georgia

Wisdom of the Ages 170

“I have learnt that your own actions have an effect on others. Before you do something, think about why you are doing it, but then also think about how others will be effected by what you do. I did this once, thought about my reasons for doing something but forgot the effect on others.”
Female Australia. 33

Wisdom of the Ages 169

“I’ve learned a lot in this life, but probably the most important thing is that you get what you focus on (think about a great deal). In other words if you focus on fearful things, poverty, illness, that’s what you get. If you focus on appreciating all the good that’s in the world, how much of that good has come your way, how you can be as emotionally grounded as possible, you’ll be a much happier person.
I believe that thoughts are almost magnetic and attract to you like thoughts until you form a “body of thought” which forms a person’s vibration. Your vibration is a sum of the thoughts that run through your head. Put another way, your frequent thoughts form something like a radio signal which is what we send out to the universe. I’ve turned my life around by putting these ideas into practice. ”
Marie of marie@mariecameron.com (name and address included at the request of the author)
Age unknown, Los Angeles, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 168

1. God’s peace that passeth understanding is the thing that has gotten me this far and many times when I thought I could not go on, it was there at the end of an humble sincere prayer, assuring me that things were going to be okay. In every instance so far that I’ve received that assurance, the situation has worked out, even when I didn’t see any way possible for things to work out.
2. Be patient. God works things out when it is best for everyone concerned, but this is not necessarily as soon as I wanted it to be.
3. As much as lieth within you, leave peaceably with all men. This doesn’t mean you are weak, it just means you are allowing love you guide your behavior and your words.
56 year old female from USA

Wisdom of the Ages 167

“Now is the time for everything; to breathe, to laugh, to help, to learn, to educate, to encourage, to support, to love, to cherish, to DO.
Not later, not after i lose 10 lbs., not after the kids grow up,
Female, aged 45 Toronto Canada

Wisdom of the Ages 166

“Life has taught me to treat everybody as if they were the Queen of England. If you treat people with that type of politeness and respect they will treat you the same way.”
Female, Age 49, Canada