Wisdom of the Ages 165

What lesson have you learnt in life?
to look
to listen
to hear
to share
to love
female, age 47, USA


Wisdom of the Ages 164

“I am 57 and have never taken time to stitch anything except for in emergency. You see I was alway too busy with life to take time for beauty in life. My parents died within 4 months of each other in my 18th year and I found myself widowed with 4 babies at the ripe old age of 30.
Now I am not complaining, mind you. I am only sorry that I didn’t think of those who were less fortunate, with no food, no hot water. I was always so busy working that I never took the time to find the beauty all around us.
So it is from there I will tell you what I have learned in life.
It is never too late to learn, which is what I plan on doing each day the Lord allows me to stay on this earth.
Today, I am learning to embroidery.Today, I am riding the horses I love that I never had time for.Today, I am growing my garden, I was too busy with.Today, I am reading the Bible instead of doing paperwork from my job in the evenings.Today, and every day I talk with my children (all over the country) and my grandchildren.Today, may be the only day we have.Everyday, I thank God, for the hot running water in my shower, the food on our table…..things so many in this world don’t have….the little things I never took time to think about before let alone be thankful for.
I would like to share the words of wisdom of a very wise woman:
Life is hard if you live it by the yard, but it’s a cinch if you live it by the inch.
Teach us to number our days, and recognize how few they are. Help us to spend them as we should.
A pastor once said he broke down everything to needs, wants, desires. I NEED a car for transportation, I WANT the BMW. I found those words made a glorious transformation in my life. I had the BMW…..I have none of those fancy things any more. I have a simple life. Jewelry, my wedding ring! Fancy clothes, to the mission! Why did I have those things, diamonds, fancy cars, fancy furniture…..not for me, but for what others thought I should have. Others? Friends and family, true friends care not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside.”
Female, aged 57 Nevada, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 163

“At the age of 52, I am now realizing that I have only learnt a small portion of all my Mother tried to teach me. It makes me laugh when I see my daughter, now married and 26 years of age, telling me that she’s discovering some of the things that I told her are actually true and useful to boot. Some of our kids think we know everything when we get to this age. Imagine what they’d say if we told them that generally life is as big a puxxle to adults as it is to kids. My grandmother used to say that the older she got, the more she discovered she didn’t know. ”
Female age 52, Ontario, Canada.

Wisdom of the Ages 162

“There is order in the chaos… you just have to wait long enough or step back far enough in order to see it.”
Female, age 54, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 161

“My greatest life lessons come from my mom; 85 years young,widowed twice,living
independently,traveling,hanging out at casinos & recently took up ceramics. She taught me not to be afraid to learn something new & then share it. Like her, I can’t sit & watch TV unless I’m creating something.”
Woman, 64 NE USA

Wisdom of the Ages 160

“What I learnt in this life is something quite simple to say:
Giving and Receiving. Or let me say it in this way: The more you give (whatever or to whomever) The more you receive….”
Binnur Age 32, Turkiye

Wisdom of the Ages 159

“Never regret your past. Hold it and learn to love it somehow. It makes you who you are. ”
Female, 50, NY, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 158

“I have learned that you have to dance the dance in life or you haven’t lived it to it’s fullest. It takes alot of dancing to get through life, if you don’t dance you may have your toes stepped on or step upon someones toes.So everyone should do the dance of life. Step lightly!”
Gale, age 41, NC USA

Wisdom of the Ages 157

My Mom always said “Earn your keep”. Our family consisted of 8 kids, two parents and farm help. When we spent the night at a friends house those were the last words we heard walking out the door.
A Gal from MI – USA

Wisdom of the Ages 156

“The difference between re-entry and toast is ‘attitude’. Your attitude to life and the way it affects you is the difference between riding the wave and drowning.”
Age:40, Gender: F, Country: UK

Wisdom of the Ages 155

“Today is the tomorrow, you worried about yesterday.” and “Go with the flow.” are two of the truisms I try to use in my life.
Female, 50, USA