Wisdom of the Ages 143

“1. Much to my surprise, the world really doesn’t revolve around me.
2. If you’re an oddball, or getting picked on by kids at school, make friends with the prettiest, nicest girl in school.
3. You can always change your attitude and yourself. Don’t bother trying to change other people.
4. Be with people who love you.
5. There’s the right thing to do, and the thing you want to do. If you choose the later, be prepared to pay for it, and yes..sometimes it’s worth it.
6. It’s ok to take time for yourself.
7. Be sincere with other people. Sometimes your smile, kind words, or act of chivalry are the nicest things to happen to someone all day.
8. When you’re talking, you’re not listening.
9. You are your responsibility. I am mine.
10. What you resist will persist.”
Female, 34, California

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