Wisdom of the Ages 154

“I have learned that if you visit your mother, and she feeds you, always offer to help with the dishes. Life is all about balance. if you have had a rough year full of strife, the balance of life with struggle to retablish itself and you are due for a good year next.
I have learned that my teenagers may never love me as much as i love them, but they wont be teenagers forever.
Pain, emotional or physical, is temporary. Pride is permanent.
Being a religious person is not the same as being a spiritual person.
and most especially… There is something good to offer the world in every single person.”
Jessica 40 yrs-USA


Wisdom of the Ages 153

“I’ve learned that the majority (say 99%) of things we get upset over really don’t matter. It’s that 1% though that when it hits, really knocks the other 99% out of consideration.”
Female, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA, Age 31

Wisdom of the Ages 152

“Life is not a rehearsal, it is an audition for eternity. The one essential decision in life is do we accept God’s gift of eternal life, or do we live and not bother to look at the written evidence and risk the consequences.
Relationships are important and the only relationship that has not failed me is the one I have with the living Lord Jesus.”
Female 61 Australia.

Wisdom of the Ages 151

“Life is what it is……..Also, my mother’s words of wisdom – ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”
gender female, age and country of origin unknown.

Wisdom of the Ages 150

“If God is for us, who can’t be against us? I have learned that if one truly trusts in God, then you can accept whatever comes your way, without asking “Why me?”. You can accept anything if you believe ,with faith, that God has his reasons.”
Female, in my seventies. Living in Maine.

Wisdom of the Ages 149

“I have learned that a friend in need is usually a friend in need of an ear, a shoulder and few words. It has earned me the reputation of being wise – and a lot of friends!”
gender female, age and country of origin unknown.

Wisdom of the Ages 148

“The greatest joy in my life has nothing to do with money or anything that money can buy. The greatest joy in my life is that my husband and I have raised a happy and loving family who cares about one another and their friends. Even when I was a working mother, my family always came before my career.”
age — 60 gender — F country — USA

Wisdom of the Ages 147

“Fate demands “Change” it is inevitable. How easy or difficult the change …….is up to you. It will always benefit you with a lesson in life……. Don’t grieve over yesterday or long for tomorrow live each day as though it’s your last.”
Female 55 USA

Wisdom of the Ages 146

”Empathy only comes from having lived the sorrow yourself, and then when you do see it in others you feel it all over again. Happiness is seeing that you or others come through things with a deep laughter in your heart.”
Male country and age unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 145

”Be honest, stay calm, keep giving, not taking
Be able to look yourself in the mirror each morning and like yourself and be proud of what you achieved the day before………….”
Female age 50 Brisbane Australia.

Wisdom of the Ages 144

“Aim for the sky… with luck you will hit the top of the tree.
And as Ghandi said
“Learn as if to live forever, Live as if to die tomorrow”
Female, Age 26, Ireland

Wisdom of the Ages 143

“1. Much to my surprise, the world really doesn’t revolve around me.
2. If you’re an oddball, or getting picked on by kids at school, make friends with the prettiest, nicest girl in school.
3. You can always change your attitude and yourself. Don’t bother trying to change other people.
4. Be with people who love you.
5. There’s the right thing to do, and the thing you want to do. If you choose the later, be prepared to pay for it, and yes..sometimes it’s worth it.
6. It’s ok to take time for yourself.
7. Be sincere with other people. Sometimes your smile, kind words, or act of chivalry are the nicest things to happen to someone all day.
8. When you’re talking, you’re not listening.
9. You are your responsibility. I am mine.
10. What you resist will persist.”
Female, 34, California