Wisdom of the Ages 142

“There is ALWAYS room for pudding!”
Male, England 20


Wisdom of the Ages 141

“The power of positive thinking and strong faith can do miracles!”
35 year old female, from Gilbertsville, Pa USA

Wisdom of the Ages 140

“Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it.”
Female Minnesota USA age unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 139

“It sounded like a good idea in my head”
English male age 20

Wisdom of the Ages 138

“Never be afraid of getting lost in the backstreets of a foriegn city, often thats the best way to travel.”
Female traveler age 20

Wisdom of the Ages 137

Tell the truth and shame the devil.
The essence of hypocrisy is to fault someone for following your own example.
BE HONEST… it’s a lot more trouble in the end worrying about which lie you told to which person than telling the truth in the first place.
Lying to yourself doesn’t really work, so why do it?
Can you tell I have a thing about honesty?
Female, 20, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 136

1. Some people say: “I would be happy if” Don’t wait to be happy. Happiness comes in moments but YOU have to make those moments.
2. No matter what you say or do, people are going to do what they want to in the end anyway, so don’t fret about it and just let them.
Female Age unknown USA

Wisdom of the Ages 135

“The three most important and life altering aspects of a persons life are their religion, their family, and the education that they acquire. If a person has all three, chances are that they have a good quality of life. If a person has none of these, chances are that they are living in a prison or should be because these 3 things set limits on our behaviour and guide us through life’s difficult moments successfully.”
Age, gender and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 134

“When I was a child I saw “Gone With the Wind”. In the movie when Scarlett faced adversity she said, “I’ll cry tomorrow!” For some reason that phrase stuck with me all of my life and has been such a help. When I’ve had a serious problem saying that phrase helped me to go into action to do somethin to resolve the problem or help out in some way. For example, when my father was diagnosed terminally ill we spent the next six months in such quality time together. I cried when he died, not before. I face a similar situation with my husband although it will be a much longer time. I know what we have ahead of us but we are living each day to the fullest and enjoying life enormously……..no wasted time………….”I’ll cry tomorrow!”
Female age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 133

“There is a difference between pleasure and joy. Pleasure is selfish. Pleasure is trying to feel good, trying to get something good for yourself. Joy is a gift of the Spirit. Pleasure easily turns to boredom or displeasure. Joy is eternal. Pleasure is easy to feel but difficult to hold on to. Joy is difficult to attain but easy to receive.”
Gender age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 132

“The truth is bitter medicine. It might be difficult to swallow but it will heal you.”

Gender age and country of origin unknown