Wisdom of the Ages 125

I grew up being taught the standard behavioral rules – live by the golden rule, always tell the truth, do what’s morally and ethically correct, etc., and I always try to uphold those standards. However, I found out the hard way that you can trust nobody but yourself. You may know someone for 25 years and see and interact with that person every day; yet, they can turn into something completely different under trying circumstances. It will turn out that you didn’t really know the person at all! Family is not exempt from this reality. Even my mother has lied to me and betrayed my confidences. In other words, no matter who the person is, don’t trust him or her any further than you can throw them! It was a real kick in the head to find out everything I’d grown up hearing and believing in was untrue. It’s been five years since I found out this awful truth about people and life, and I still haven’t gotten over it.”
Gender unknown, Middle aged in the Midwest USA

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