Wisdom of the Ages 131

“There are two words that are the most neglected and the most abused. They are “I’m sorry”. The people who neglect to say it are hard hearted, and the people who say it too much are liars.”
Gender age and country of origin unknown


Wisdom of the Ages 130

“Whatever your mom says that really makes you mad, she’s probably right.” Gender age and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 129

“Yesterday is as Tomorrow: Unknown, different, and distant.”
Male, 19, Denmark

Wisdom of the Ages 128

“Contradictions are the blood of life, They keep it going.” Male, 19, Denmark

Wisdom of the Ages 127

“The lesson I have learned that I try to share, particularly with teens is to learn from other peoples mistakes, you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”
Female, 40, Upstate NY, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 126

“If you don’t have expectations; you don’t get disappointed”. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have expectations as that is human nature; that means to me that when I get disappointed I have to accept responsibility for the disappointment instead of holding someone or something else responsible. This has helped me through friendships and marriage. People do not know what you expect from them unless you tell them and we can’t expect them to read our minds.”
Female, 45, Mississippi, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 125

I grew up being taught the standard behavioral rules – live by the golden rule, always tell the truth, do what’s morally and ethically correct, etc., and I always try to uphold those standards. However, I found out the hard way that you can trust nobody but yourself. You may know someone for 25 years and see and interact with that person every day; yet, they can turn into something completely different under trying circumstances. It will turn out that you didn’t really know the person at all! Family is not exempt from this reality. Even my mother has lied to me and betrayed my confidences. In other words, no matter who the person is, don’t trust him or her any further than you can throw them! It was a real kick in the head to find out everything I’d grown up hearing and believing in was untrue. It’s been five years since I found out this awful truth about people and life, and I still haven’t gotten over it.”
Gender unknown, Middle aged in the Midwest USA

Wisdom of the Ages 124

“I have learned that it is not UNChristian to take care of one’s self, that it is perfectly “okay” to say no to someone’s request of me – whatever the request – even if I’m only tired. Sometimes I have information overload and I am “brain tired” I have learned that this life is not a sprint race, it is a marathon. I intend to endure to the end and finish well. Jesus said that we are to love others as we love ourselves. That must mean that if we are to love others in abundance, then we MUST love ourselves in abundance and part of that loving ourselves is taking care of ourselves even in the face of experiencing the disapproval of others. I don’t ultimately answer to them anyway.”
Female age and country unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 123

“I actually have carried my own piece of wisdom since it was told to me when I was quite young by a distant relative in her mid 80’s….. I was telling her about my life’s problems and how I felt misunderstood and a little hard done by at times. She listened patiently while I told her about all my troubles, then looked at me kindly and gently said “Oh how selfish others can be, they just think of themselves and not of me”. I puzzled over what she had said, then saw a glimpse of myself! We both laughed out loud.”
Female, Aged 41, Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 122

“Always smile …”
20, Brussels

Wisdom of the Ages 121

“Neither one is mine but I’ve used the first to get me through some really tough stuff, and the second ALWAYS makes me laugh!
1. The only difference between an ordeal and an adventure is your attitude.
2. For years, we have thought that a million monkeys typing at a million typewriters would eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare.
Today, thanks to the Internet we know this is not true.”
Santa Rosa, California USA

Wisdom of the Ages 120

“In dealing with people who become abrupt or angry, my human inclination is to become likewise. I have found it to be infinitely more rewarding, however, to exert an effort to be especially kind to them. An added benefit is that a kind response often seems to dissipate their anger as well.”
Female, 51, USA