Wisdom of the Ages 113

“Ten years ago my Dad (whom I loved dearly and always will ) told me some dumbfounding news about myself. He has since passed away. I’d felt this all my child hood and when it became a reality it hit hard.. Mind you I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers all of which have disowned me as a family member since finding out. they don’t contact me and won’t answer the phone when I call them. I’ve never hurt them in any way. At 36 he told me I was not his biological daughter, and he could not go on pretending to be, he told me he regretted having allowed my mother to bring me home from the hospital, and he regretted putting food in my mouth and providing for me. Come to find out from my mother I’m a product of Rape.. From a salesman who was selling goods in the neighborhood. The terrible thing about this is my dad stood on the hillside listening to my Mother screaming out for help and did nothing. The lesson I learned from this mess.. Truth from the very beginning is better than destruction in the end…Family Matters..”
Female aged 46 USA

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