Wisdom of the Ages 109

” Listen, listen, listen, listen with your heart. My Mother was the greatest example of this talent I ever encountered, she raised a family of six, with 20 years separating the oldest and youngest. She raised us through the depression, two wars (police actions I belive), the civil rights movement, the hippie culture, and the loss of her brothers and sisters as time marched on. Her pride and joy in life was her family. And she was ours. She heard what we had to say, what we dreamed of, what we wished for, what we felt we needed, and our stand on issues. She listened to all of us, and our spouses, children, in-law’s, and friends. She listened with a kind heart, she gave her opinion, putting her two cents worth in no fear, but she didn’t belittle or critisize us. In doing so she gave us so much more than any bank account, inheritance or heirloom could mark. We couldn’t wait to tell her good news, get comfort in our trying times, get her opinions on th! e newest political development or on Aunt Dot’s newest chicken recipe. The way she listened, we always wanted to be connected, to call, to visit, to talk with.
And Mom, ………….. I’m trying.”
Female, 52, Louisiana, USA

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