Wisdom of the Ages 119

What I have learned in life …
1. Kindness is never wasted.
2. As long as you are still alive, it is never to late to start over.
Female, age 56 Rensselaer, NY

Wisdom of the Ages 118

“Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe.
Live for today…. tomorrow may never come…. and yesterday has gone so don’t regret it.”
Female, age 58, Glasgow, UK.

Wisdom of the Ages 117

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity -author unknown”
50-yr old female, US

Wisdom of the Ages 116

“You can choose your actions but not your consequences.”
My dad always said this when I was a kid and it annoyed me to no end! But it is so true!”
female, 47, Texas

Wisdom of the Ages 115

”Don’t postpone joy.”
45 female American.

Wisdom of the Ages 114

“No matter the hurt, the time will come to forgive.”
Age, Gender and county unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 113

“Ten years ago my Dad (whom I loved dearly and always will ) told me some dumbfounding news about myself. He has since passed away. I’d felt this all my child hood and when it became a reality it hit hard.. Mind you I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers all of which have disowned me as a family member since finding out. they don’t contact me and won’t answer the phone when I call them. I’ve never hurt them in any way. At 36 he told me I was not his biological daughter, and he could not go on pretending to be, he told me he regretted having allowed my mother to bring me home from the hospital, and he regretted putting food in my mouth and providing for me. Come to find out from my mother I’m a product of Rape.. From a salesman who was selling goods in the neighborhood. The terrible thing about this is my dad stood on the hillside listening to my Mother screaming out for help and did nothing. The lesson I learned from this mess.. Truth from the very beginning is better than destruction in the end…Family Matters..”
Female aged 46 USA

Wisdom of the Ages 112

“Start everything with the end in mind.”
Female country and age unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 111

The quote below isn’t mine but it has served me well through the years, particularly in the working world. Some people can be pretty nasty. Endeavour to handle all bad situations with serenity and aplomb.

“Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

Female Age 49 and 362 days California USA

Wisdom of the Ages 110

“If you live your life according to God’s principles you will have true joy and peace.”
Female, 55, New York, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 109

” Listen, listen, listen, listen with your heart. My Mother was the greatest example of this talent I ever encountered, she raised a family of six, with 20 years separating the oldest and youngest. She raised us through the depression, two wars (police actions I belive), the civil rights movement, the hippie culture, and the loss of her brothers and sisters as time marched on. Her pride and joy in life was her family. And she was ours. She heard what we had to say, what we dreamed of, what we wished for, what we felt we needed, and our stand on issues. She listened to all of us, and our spouses, children, in-law’s, and friends. She listened with a kind heart, she gave her opinion, putting her two cents worth in no fear, but she didn’t belittle or critisize us. In doing so she gave us so much more than any bank account, inheritance or heirloom could mark. We couldn’t wait to tell her good news, get comfort in our trying times, get her opinions on th! e newest political development or on Aunt Dot’s newest chicken recipe. The way she listened, we always wanted to be connected, to call, to visit, to talk with.
And Mom, ………….. I’m trying.”
Female, 52, Louisiana, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 108

“There are 3 sayings I try to keep in mind.
1. Happiness is a method of travel not a destination
2. Nothing much happens to you that you don’t let happen or make happen.
3. He who can laugh at himself shall never cease to be amused.”
Female age 68 Ft. Worth, Texas USA

Wisdom of the Ages 107

“I have learned that family is the most important thing we have.
Treat everyone you meet with the same respect you would like them to treat you with.
Remember, when you get angry, it is usually because you didn’t get your own way. Logically maybe your way wasn’t the best, check it out.
‘To thine own self be true’ and you can’t really go wrong.
Do something that you love doing and do it before you lose the capability to be able to do it. This is not a rehearsal.”
Female 65 Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 106

1. only love lasts
2. pettiness is a waste of life
3. ignorance is temporary;stupid is forever
4. learning to be who you really are is what courage is
5. we can never thank others enough for the things they teach us
6. following God’s path for us is the only way to love…and only love lasts.
Female.53 in temporal-years! country of origin unlnown