Wisdom of the Ages 87

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“In the end we all end up as dust in the wind. Any effort to remain beyond that is for the most part fruitless effort for only a few will make it and they will be stuff of very stuffy historians. What counts is the here and now. If you are not happy at this very moment, it is in most cases your own damn fault for you have all you need right now in most cases. If you live in the past or the future then you reap what you sow which is nothing for you can only sow at the moment you are in. Everyone will be exacly what they make themselves when they are adult for you are what your parents made you but if you stay that way it’s your fault. What you want may very well be poison ask instead for what you need and you will be satisfied. But first you must learn what is the difference between the two, and last but not least NO one ever makes you do anything. You choose to do it. If someone had a gun at your head and said I will kill you or you can let me do [the most unspeakable horrible thing you can imagine say letting them rape your 3 year old daughter] you can choose even at that moment. There is choice and it is yours.”
Male, USA, 44

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