Wisdom of the Ages 94

“The best one I have learned and it has kept me sane through a daughter with drug addiction, diabetes diagnosis for myself and helping a husband overcome OCD, and many other problems my family has faced in the past 7 years. “Remember, You cannot change the way people act. You can only change the way you react to them” Those words must be your mantra for them to work. Trust me.”
Noelle Female age 34 United States


Wisdom of the Ages 93

“Love…. and Gratitude. Don’t take life for granted…Love your family and friends” spend time with them” life is to precious and to short…..my husband recently spent 7 months overseas….we had a good marriage, before he left… but the separation, has brought us closer “it has made me realize that one of us, may not always be here and we should make the most of the time, we have on this precious earth, with our family friends, and children.”
Age Gender and country of origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 92

“Don’t be mean to boys because they might hurt you.”
Female aged 9 N.S.W. Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 91

“Be careful when mums got her period.”
Female aged 11 N.S.W. Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 90

“Craft” the most expensive word I know.
“If only” the two most harmful words.
“Do I want or do I need” the most steadying.
“Tomorrow” the day that is always there for you to do all the things you haven’t been able to fit in today,or yesterday or anytime before tomorrow.
Female, age 55, NSW. Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 89

“Love people, everyone, love them with all of your heart. Try hard also (it really isn’t very hard) to like them too. Love animals and plants as well. Enjoy yourself. Spread the joy all around…”
Age 43, female, Wisconsin. USA

Wisdom of the Ages 88

“The lesson I have learned in this life are : Never stop learning lessons”
Female 51 years old California USA

Wisdom of the Ages 87

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“In the end we all end up as dust in the wind. Any effort to remain beyond that is for the most part fruitless effort for only a few will make it and they will be stuff of very stuffy historians. What counts is the here and now. If you are not happy at this very moment, it is in most cases your own damn fault for you have all you need right now in most cases. If you live in the past or the future then you reap what you sow which is nothing for you can only sow at the moment you are in. Everyone will be exacly what they make themselves when they are adult for you are what your parents made you but if you stay that way it’s your fault. What you want may very well be poison ask instead for what you need and you will be satisfied. But first you must learn what is the difference between the two, and last but not least NO one ever makes you do anything. You choose to do it. If someone had a gun at your head and said I will kill you or you can let me do [the most unspeakable horrible thing you can imagine say letting them rape your 3 year old daughter] you can choose even at that moment. There is choice and it is yours.”
Male, USA, 44

Wisdom of the Ages 86

“Treat people as you would want to be treated, never ask someone to do something that you would not be prepared to do. Never go to sleep on an argument, always settle it before the sun goes down.”
Female 55 yrs Australia

Wisdom of the Ages 85

“Exercise with your best friend daily; feed your best friend ‘real’ food, don’t allow your best friend to smoke or use drugs. Allow your best friend to laugh at life’s quirks – whether good or bad. Always take time for your best friend…because your best friend is you. If you don’t love and care for you, no one will. You can’t live well in your later years if you don’t take care of yourself all through your lifetime. I know – I’ve learned the hard way – I’m overweight, don’t eat properly, stressed out, and have lung cancer.”
Female 62 Grove, OK, USA.

Wisdom of the Ages 84

“Never consider the ordinary, without seeing in it the extraordinary.”
source unknown
Female 69, Missouri, USA