Wisdom of the Ages 83

1. Don’t waste energy on the little stuff, recognize it and let it pass on……save energy for the big stuff.
2. If you are hungry then eat; sleepy, then sleep; thirsty, then drink……both literally and metaphorically.
3. Let your children teach you one thing about life each day.

Female age 43, Ironwood, Michigan

Wisdom of the Ages 82

“There are no accidents. I believe that absolutely every little detail that has ever happened, as well as every person who has crossed my path for even one tiny moment…has ultimately brought goodness to me in one way or another.

Through my encounters with all of life, I have become a much better person. Even those unwanted moments, when I look back upon them, have enabled me to grown into a broader, more understanding Being. I love my life.”
Female, age 59, near Portland, Oregon

Wisdom of the Ages 81

Whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for Joy.
When your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow!
So let it grow, for when it it fully developed, you will be strong in character
and ready for ANYTHING!

Proven through-out my life-time and through the ages, all over the world!
But writen in James 1:2 – 4
Female 46 years old Minnesota, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 80

Reality is subjective…you make your own…so make sure you like yours.
You are in charge of whether of not you allow others to hurt you.

Life is not a destination, it is a journey. Focus on the scenery, not the end point.

There are people that see the glass as half full, some as half empty. But far more seem to say, “Hey! Not fair! Someone’s been drinking my water!” Make sure you’re not one of those people.

Life ain’t fair. Get over it. Make lemonade.

Everyone else is going through just as much garbage as you are, they’re just quiet about it.
female, age 36, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 79

“Even if people do not live up to my expectations it is o.k. to love them anyway, despite the imperfections.”
Age, gender and country or origin unknown

Wisdom of the Ages 78

What I noticed in this life (so far) to be true:
1) Life’s lessons are repeated until you learn from them
2) No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent
3) No bad things happen without something good coming from it
4) You cannot exceed your limitations by ignoring them
Female, aged 37, The Netherlands

Wisdom of the Ages 77

“You reap what you sow”.
Even if sometimes life hands you weeds along with the wheat, if nothing else you can make compost from them … and start the cycle again, enriched from what you have experienced…
Follow your intuition, and your dreams, remember that every dog has his day.
Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
Pay kindnesses forward…
Don’t eat the yellow snow.
Take time to stand and stare.”
female aged, 33, female, England

Wisdom of the Ages 76

“Don’t fear discomfort. We unfortunately live in a “comfort culture” where uncomfortable emotions are demonized and repressed and uncomfortable situations are to be avoided at all costs. Yet only when life hands us problems that are uncomfortable, distressing and downright painful can we learn who we really are and grow to our full potential. Never put up with abuse, but always face difficulty with all the courage and integrity you can muster.
What do you get when you protect a child from everything? An adult who can’t cope with anything.
And a friend of mine summed things up nicely:
Work like you don’t need money,
Love like you’ve never been hurt
And dance like no one’s watching.”
Female, age 35, USA

Wisdom of the Ages 75

“For all the ills that we are heir to a smile, a prayer, a thought will usually give us help when all others things do not
Time poured on any problem will give a sure surcease and that giving of ones self will always teach one peace
Wisdom waiting; wisdom exposed; wisdom inspired; wisdom knows that what awe we bring to a new bit of light is wisdom is by learning, seeking and right.”
Female aged 53 Canada

Wisdom of the Ages 74

“Listen- lots of people talk but not many actually listen.”
Female, age 43, Victoria Australia