Wisdom of the Ages 64

“Balance. There needs to be a balance to everything including how we interact with others — there should never be all give and no take; all thinking of yourself and never others; all thinking of others and never yourself. Any extremes or extreme viewpoints should be held questionable particularly if they ask that you disconnect yourself from others or subjugate yourself.

Accomplishment. Everyone should have a sense of accomplishment in their current or past life. Especially children; allowing them to give up, cheat or just remember something long enough for a test steals their sense of accomplishment. Everyone needs to know what personal achievement feels like and know that some things you do have to work for yourself.

And, some workable marital spat fixers:

Budget. Don’t have “a budget” — have several. Have the “this is what we need to survive” to “when we no longer have to rob Peter to pay Paul” and several other levels to the “ideal dream” financial plans. If both partners work, the percentage of income is the percentage of bills their paycheck covers, the percentage of savings they contribute to (determined by which “plan” the couple is currently budgeting for), and the percentage of disposable/fun income they are in control of. No way does one spouse doling out or controlling the funds work peaceably. No fighting over the ups and downs of different jobs and changing salaries as spouses move ahead or behind each other in salary.

My sociologist neighbor in her current (the second marriage for both of them) marriage has a rule I now use: if it bothers you enough to yell, fight or sulk about it — guess whose chore it now is?
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