Wisdom of the Ages 63

When I was a young girl and young woman, I thought that there was no question but that my life would be perfect and I was probably 21 before I knew for sure otherwise. I married young, 19, to a man who shortly thereafter became physically abusive. I became pregnant early on and had two other pregnancies. The physical abuse continued and during the time of my third pregnancy alcoholism became a problem in our home. I did not leave nor cause my husband to leave because there had never been a divorce in my family and I thought that if I would just learn what I was doing wrong, our life would become OK. I truly believed that these problems were due to some failing on my part. I never left but needed to find some job to keep us afloat financially as our money was being spent in gambling and drinking. I was so blessed to find a job which supported us all and was even able to educate my family. This horrendous personal life caused me to become extremely resourceful and I remain a problem solver to this day. If someone presents a problem to me, it seems that several solutions come to me in the blink of an eye. My first marriage lasted 32 years before I sought a divorce. Two years later, I married again, happily, but my husband had a heart attack after six years and I found myself alone. I lost one of my sons tragically and I must say that this is the worst thing a parent will have to bear. I have collected myself however and do not fight life but embrace it and am thankful that I have come through what I have with my sanity intact and must have a good attitude because many people seek my counsel and I do what I can to help others.
Female age 68, USA

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